How to Write an Internship Resume in 6 Easy Steps

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Are you having a hard time figuring out what to write on your internship resume? Perhaps, you worry about your lack of experience or scarce credentials. As you read this, you’ll learn useful internship resume writing tips that can help you win the interest of your target employers.

What an Internship Resume Includes

1. Contact Details

In writing an internship resume, begin your copy with your full name, phone number, and email address. Add the link to your social media profile or portfolio, especially if you aim for a job in photography, multimedia arts, or graphic design.

2. Internship Objective

For someone who has little to no experience, a credible internship objective will help you much. Create, rather, a statement that will push hiring managers to give your application a shot. In fact, a well-constructed objective must sound catchy. Likewise, it must have the right words and details, too.

Below are examples of an effective objective for an internship resume:

“Seeking a summer internship with the Grey Group where my strong analytical and problem-solving skills will be utilized. My marketing studies and part-time work experience in market research will provide solid support to your marketing team”

“An internship with a well-respected accounting firm which utilizes my accounting knowledge and the discipline and focus that I bring to my work. I am committed to developing my career path as an Accountant and to expand on the work experience I gained last summer as an intern for Gamble & Jones.”

“Seeking an internship position to explore career options in the IT sector. A hard-working and self-motivated graduate student in Computer Science, I have completed advanced projects, consulted in the computer center and tutored undergraduates.”


3. Education Details

Applying as an intern means you need hands-on experience to gain real-world knowledge or fulfill a school requirement. In the same way, as a college student, hiring managers are aware you don’t have any work experience. Hence, the education part of your piece is vital to your internship opportunity. Highlight your course and give enough info on how your course or school activities relate to the internship.

University of California, Los Angeles (2016 – present)
Expected to graduate in Academic Year 2020 with Bachelor of Business Administration major in Human Resources

4. Work Experience

Did you work a part time job in a snack bar last summer? Include it in writing your internship resume! This will further give the manager an idea you’re responsible and reliable enough to take on any given tasks. Although your work may not relate to the position you want, your on-the job experience will show your skills as a worker. Make sure, though, to highlight transferable skills and describe, in brief, your job duties in your internship resume.

An Internship Resume May Hold The Key To Getting A Job In A Restaurant.


5. Skills

Don’t forget to stress the skills relevant to the internship job you’re targeting. Besides, employers are more eager to read a resume filled with soft skills. To market yourself means to lift your strengths and not your weaknesses.

6. Strong Keywords

Sell yourself by using strong and active keywords that describe your skills and potentials in a resume. In the same way, create statements that are catchy enough to drag a likely reader to continue reading.

7. Seminars Attended

Do you still recall the seminars or special training you’ve joined in school? Thus, mention them in your resume. Not all applicants are experts on such topics.

A Room Full Of Chairs And A White Board Fit For Discussing Internship Resume Writing

More Tips to Heed

Be confident when you present yourself. In fact, just like you, most interns have no the actual experience yet in the job they are applying. Hence, don’t fear if you can’t write anything unique.

Moreover, never belittle your objectives and character description. Most managers eye it to check whether you are a person worth training or someone they can rely to in the future.

Layout your paper in a way that it will highlight what’s unique about you as a candidate. Don’t limit yourself to traditional styles. Further, create an impressive one using these internship resume writing tips.

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