10 Types of Workplace Personalities You Should Meet

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You’ll find different workplace personalities in the office. From an academic point of view, knowing them may be interesting. Yet in the workplace, it’s more than that. Check out this list of workplace personalities and tell which one best describes you.

1. The Introvert

Amy Schumer Workplace Personalities


Workers in this personality are aloof in the office. They don’t leave their seats and desks and join their workmates during breaks. They detach themselves from others by hiding behind their cubicles, wearing their headphones or keeping their office doors shut, too.

2. The Reliable One

Do Whatever It Takes


You can always count on this worker because he/she submits his/her assignments by, or earlier than, the deadline. Further, he/she seldom takes vacation and sick leaves. Thus, he/she often ends up as the go-to person of the boss.

3. The Victim

Cartoon Character Cussing


Besides being a constant complainer, this employee often tries to draw his/her coworker’s attention to his/her “perceived” problems. He/she often complains on work duties and convinces everyone that the boss isn’t treating workers fairly by giving him/her more work to do.

4. The Leader

You Can Do It Cheer


Apart from being versatile, this employee loves motivating others and thinking ahead. Likewise, of all the workplace personalities, he/she is skilled at assigning duties to others based on their individual strengths.

5. The Blamer

I'm Blaming You


Blamers always shift accountability away from themselves onto others when things go wrong in the workplace. They never own up or say sorry for their mistakes, misgivings, poor performance, or wrong decisions. Likewise, they’re fond of stretching the truth to convince others that their version of events is true, even when it’s not.

6. The Kitchen Troll

Chaos In The Kitchen


This person loves heating fish in the microwave; thus, spreading the unpleasant smell throughout the workplace for a week. Further, he/she spills coffee all over the counter, sticks burritos in the microwave, and leaves dirty dishes in the sink and moldy food in the fridge.

7. Mister/Miss Nosy Parker

Woman Eavesdropping


This worker got his/her title from talking about others (often behind their backs) and gossiping (often fictitious or exaggerated versions of the truth) on his/her colleagues. If you speak with this employee, you’d know what to expect from him/her. Then again, you may even find yourself a victim of his/her bad habits without even realizing it.

8. The Problem Solver

Jack Skellington Scatching His Head


Problem solvers always figure things out. They gauge the turn of events and find spots in which they can run the business well. Unlike The Blamer, these workers check a situation and solve it.

9. The Clown

Jim Carey's Face Wrapped In Scotch Tape


Funny employees bring life to the workplace. In fact, without them, working hours are dull. Aside from their confidence and artistry, they’re fond of cracking jokes during unhappy or painful times to help the team stay calm and keep working to fix issues.

10. Mister/Miss Total Package

I'm Not Perfect!


This employee holds the best qualities. He/she is a generous, reliable, and motivated worker with strong problem-solving skills. After all, he/she has a strategic, positive outlook, too. Employees like him/her are often the most successful workers.

You can get along with anyone if you know who they are and how you should treat them. Thus, understanding your colleagues’ workplace personalities lets you build respect, trust, and lasting relationships.

Which of these workplace personalities are you? Do you think your colleagues would agree? Share your thoughts with us! Besides offering resume writing services, we relate with our readers and give them useful career tips.

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