Resume Format Examples

Resume writing might look simple at first glance. However, in order to capture the interest of hiring managers, you must present a compelling resume worthy of their time. Worry no more! Our team of resume writing experts will help you create a job-winning resume with the right resume format. View our resume format examples and choose the best one that suits your needs.

The best examples of professional resumes always follow the right resume format. Since resumes need to be detailed yet concise, this is where resume writing gets a little tricky for job hunters. In addition, presenting the wrong resume format might be the biggest resume writing pitfall you’ll make in your job search. Hence, avoid making this mistake by checking our resume format samples.


Chronological Skill Set




Our resume format examples offer you different options to present your resume. Learn more about the most used resume format, the chronological format. Wondering how to address your glaring employment gaps? Use a functional resume format. How about focusing your work history on a specific job post? That’s what a targeted resume format is for. Lastly, capture your skills and work history with a combination resume format. Choose your best form for resume and showcase your skills the best way possible.

We value your job application as much as you do. That said, our team strives to deliver top-notch resumes that will get you callbacks. We aim to help you know the right format through our resume format examples. But if you need professional help to build your resume, don’t worry. Our team of resume writing experts is here to assist you! Check our best resume writing services or talk to our career experts to find out more.

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