How Resume Analysis Aids You in Passing the Applicant Tracking System

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Are you afraid that your lack of professional experience will hinder you from getting your target job? How can you make a resume that doesn’t only respond well to the job requirements but also gets through the applicant tracking system or ATS and right into the recruiter’s hands? Worry no more! Today, entry-level applicants like you can make sure their resumes will pass the screening process. Thanks to resume analysis software! You just have to know how exactly resume robots work to your advantage. Use this piece as your guide.

Why Use Resume Analysis Software

You know so well how powerful the ATS is in the recruitment process. But before it overwhelms and consumes you, know, too, how to get it to work in your favor. Use a resume checker or analyzer to beat it. Below are a few good reasons you must do use a resume analysis software before giving your application.

1. It helps you optimize your resume.

Analysis software use algorithms in assessing resumes. The score they give, along with an explanation to prove the results may guide you and other applicants in improving your copy. A few software rate one’s resume based on impact, brevity, and depth. Besides, most of them have their own criteria for checking resumes. They tell you the critical errors found in your copy and offer you ways to fix them.

2. It offers semantic matches.

Modern resume analysis software search keywords in your copy. Others don’t just focus on the job’s given keywords but also on their semantics. For example, if you’re applying for an accounting post, your resume must also contain related terms such as financial statements, audits, etc.

3. It boosts your chances of getting job interviews.

Jobscan, an online resume scanner itself, shows that applicants using ATS keywords can “triple their chances” of getting a job interview. For those who can make a good ATS resume strategy, this principle is so true.

Tips for Entry-Level Job Seekers

Learning how an ATS works may sound absurd but knowing how it can boost your chances of getting hired is an advantage. Further, these steps will help you optimize your resume to ensure it has what an ATS searches:

1. Include keywords relative to the job position.

Keywords and key phrases are the life of ATS-optimized resumes. They serve as basis for an automated resume review to tell if the applicant fits the job. However, don’t overuse them in your resume.

2. Keep a simple format.

Simplicity is the key to befriending a resume analysis software because complex formatting may clog the system and discard your copy.

3. Label your piece.

Don’t forget to write your name and desired post on your application. These two also make a good file name such as “John_Doe-Project_Manager.” Save the copy in MS Word file with either .txt or .doc file format, and not as a PDF.

4. Stick to conventional headings.

ATS-optimized resumes bear plain and simple names for headings such as Work Experience, Skills, Education. Avoid using too creative and odd labels such as Professional Career, Core Competencies, and Academic Achievements.

5. Avoid visual and text enhancers.

ATSs work best with readable and scannable texts. Hence, you should avoid putting special characters, tables, columns, text boxes, fancy fonts, underlines, colored texts, and page numbers. Nix headers and footers since they may jam the algorithms. While some resume analysis software accept small images, others don’t. Thus, avoid placing one just to be sure. Acceptable font styles include but are not limited to Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, and Georgia. The use of bulleted lists in writing your job description is more acceptable than having long paragraphs.

6. Make sure you spell words properly.

Like other programmed software, resume robots read correctly spelled words only, no matter how vital the misspelled words are. Besides, they don’t care about the meaning of the words in your resume.

7. Be careful about what you post on social media.

It’s amazing how some resume analysis software use social networks to check up on their users. Hence, keep a good online profile that matches what your resume says.

Do you want to pass the ATS resume test but doubts the power of free resume check by a resume analysis software? Ask the help of a professional resume review or expert writing service. Resume Professional Writers offers ATS-responsive resumes. Its electronic resume features plain text document, making it readable for an ATS. For more details about this service, other related content about job search, and high-quality resume examples, browse through our pages.

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