The Pros and Cons of Using Professional IT Resume 2017 Templates

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Are you applying for a job in the Information Technology (IT) field? Whether you’re an entry-level job seeker or an experienced career changer, writing an IT resume will be hard. The safest and fastest way, rather, to create one is to use professional IT resume 2017 templates to make your task easier. Yet the priced question is, should you use one or not? Hence, learn here the pros and cons of using a latest IT resume template versus writing your own copy.


  • You need not worry over its format.
    Templates have formats you can follow to help you choose what to add to your resume and where to place the details. Further, following a format will make it easier for you to write your own copy.
  • You get an organized copy.
    Templates offer a “no-clutter” approach in resume writing. In fact, every detail is in its proper place, from your work experience to your academic achievement(s).
  • You must only send needed details.
    Everything you must write in your copy is already in the sections. Likewise, you need not worry about what info you should use to complete your job application tool.
  • You can finish your resume in no time.
    Without having to worry over the layout and other stuff, you can finish your copy faster. In particular, a template can help you if you need to rush your application.


  • Your resume looks much like the others.
    Chances are many applicants have used the same resume 2017 templates, too. This practice can make your copy look ordinary and won’t make you stand out above other job seekers.
  • You can’t make a flexible copy.
    It’ll be tough to tailor your resume based on your preference. Besides, IT resume templates limit the creative and custom approach you can apply to it.
  • You can’t highlight a specific qualification.
    Since it’s hard to edit a template to suit your preference, it’ll be tricky to reorder its content to highlight a skill or qualification.
  • You can’t customize it to display your IT experience to the fullest.
    You can’t just tailor your resume to show your online portfolio. Further, it will be difficult if you want to focus it on your IT training than on your experience because a template limits you from making such changes.

So, what do you think? Do you want to use professional IT resume 2017 templates in writing your copy? For a much safer bet and a higher chance of landing the job, though, hire professional resume writers who can tailor your job application tool. In addition, contact Resume Professional Writers to find out more about our expert resume writing services!

Resume 2017 Templates

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