Quarter-Life Crisis and the Culprit Behind Getting Lost

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“Not all those who wander are lost.” Have you ever used this quote on one of your Instagram posts? Did you think you could conquer the world, no matter what challenge would arrive? However, as you go back to reality, did you become uncertain in life? Don’t worry; 7 in 10 millennials experienced it, and goes by a certain point: quarter-life crisis.

Quarter-Life Crisis: Your Life’s Turning Point

Remember that day you get back from a travel. What comes first to your mind? Were you so excited to go back to work? Or did you wish you could extend your vacation, even for just a day? Well, as nothing lasts forever, so does your holiday.

Your enlightened mood ebbs. You experience a career slump, you saved a little money, and your relationships become strained. You feel lost, and out of control. When people ages mid-20s to early 30s undergo a period of insecurity and doubt in your life, LinkedIn Career Expert Blair Decembrele call it quarter-life crisis.

However, you shouldn’t view quarter-life crisis as the end of the world. Rather, imagine this stage as another trip you need to tick off from your bucket list. Wouldn’t it be better to say, “Been there, done that?” Here’s how.

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Three Pillars of a Young Person’s Life

LinkedIn did research on millennials and identified that the three important issues in a millennials’ life are careers, relationships, and finances. In the report, 80% of 25—33-year-old participants received pressure to succeed in these three aspects before hitting 30. Are you guilty with the same predicament?

While it’s difficult to achieve career success during your adult development stage, did you know a culprit exists and can affect your personal success?

Determining the Culprit: First Step Away from Quarter-Life Crisis

Social media has progressed to more than just an online avenue to connect and build linkages. Rather, it became a platform to build your presence online. What you put in your accounts paints a picture of how awesome your life must be. Therefore, those who can’t post their latest promotion, the next travel photos, or even new trendy buys suffer quarter-life crisis. This is because, through social media, you can’t help but compare your life to others. It is not social media per se that makes you undergo this period of intense soul searching and desire for stress management. It is when you compare yourself to others that you undergo the experience of ‘getting lost’. Now you’ve realized your quarter-life crisis triggers, what must you do about it?

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Tips to Conquer Quarter-Life Crisis

“There is a big difference between your job and your calling. You retire your job, but you never retire on your calling.” Paul Sohn, author of Quarter-Life Calling said. Here’s some encouraging words from a person who’s been there, done that. While this may inspire you to move, here are tips you can practice until you rekindle your passion and love for job.

1. Shift your focus; align your energies. Build your self-efficacy.

You must prepare, like when you go on a trip. Acknowledge that you’re in the process to find your true calling. To help you, answer these five questions.

a. What makes you happy? What doesn’t?
You must determine your priorities. Which of them contribute in finding your calling? Learn how to discard things, persons, and situations that stress you.

b. What are your natural talents? In which fields do you excel?
Not all talents could help you become a fruitful individual. Choose those that will elevate your life.

c. How can I earn income from my talent?
From your determined talents, choose. Which of these could help you earn a living?

d. What are my biggest dreams?
Now you know what your abilities are, decide what dreams you would like to achieve.

e. What’s stopping you from achieving it?
Reach your dreams, little by little. Set goals, act on doable tasks, and remove your roadblocks.

2. Take a break from social media.

It’s difficult to stop comparing yourself to others. Instead of measuring your self-worth with the number of likes, comments, and shares you have, try social media detox. Try it for a week, a month, or a year perhaps?

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3. Seek support.

Talk to your friends about it. You’ll find they might have experienced your dilemma. Ask them how did they overcome it, or ask for their ideas on how to get back on track. You could also look for a mentor, even outside your work, to give you additional pieces of advice.

4. Concentrate on one pillar at a time.

If one of your pillars is the trigger, it affects the rest of your life, too. How will you overcome it? Concentrate on one pillar first. Did you know the driving force of millennials having a quarter-life crisis is their careers? Focus on that aspect first. You never know, once you work on your job stability, you can now defeat this challenge.

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Quarter-Life Crisis: A Normal Part of Life

Don’t stress when you undergo quarter-life crisis. It’s a normal part of maturity. Those who underwent quarter-life crisis achieved personal and professional growth. According to the same LinkedIn research, 36% changed their careers and switched to different roles after getting career advice from their mentors.

Most millennials equate personal success with having everything. Quarter-life crisis will tell you it’s not the case. So, as you go through life, it’s best to adjust our ideas on success.

If at the end of your quarter-life crisis you want to improve your career pillar, let Resume Professional Writers help you get back in the field and succeed!

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