Search All Job Sites: The Top Part-time Jobs for Students

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Life in college is costly in some ways. You need to save and spend wisely. Yet you can do something to ease the burden—take a part-time job. Listed below are the best part-time jobs for students:


Servers are one of the most flexible jobs for college students. They can earn more than the minimum pay and can choose their preferred time. With the large number of restaurants and dining places today, you’re sure to find one that fits your schedule.

Peer Tutor

One easy source of income for college students is being a peer tutor to the younger ones. Often paid on an hourly basis, peer tutors just need to rely on their knowledge on the subject or course they will teach. If you have the guts to be one, go find a mentee now.

Freelance Writer

Turn your passion in writing into a profession. Be a freelance writer. You can be paid by project or by the number of hours you will spend in working. The usual hourly rate ranges from as low as $15 to several hundred dollars. You might not know but this could be a good start of your fruitful career.


Being a nanny is sure a fun and easy task especially if you love to play with babies or kids. On the average, you can reap an hourly pay of $10 to $15 as you playfully spend your time and cuddle with little kids. This job is best for students in the field of education and childcare.

Aerobics Instructor

Share your secrets to having a healthy life by being an aerobics instructor. Who would have thought that being sporty and fit could be a great source of money? It will definitely be a good feeling that as you work out for your own body and earn money, you get to help others become fit, too.

Teaching Assistant

Don’t get too far as you look for a part-time job. Your school may be offering slots for students willing to work as teaching assistants. Go to your school’s financial aid office and inquire. Rates, however, may vary depending on your area and the number of hours you will devote to the work.

There are many ways on how to support your studies. Perhaps you may be delighted with the money you can get from having a part-time job. What’s more important than that are the lessons and experience you will gain from it. So now, search all job sites and start making a living!

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