Nursing Cover Letter: Your Pass to the Holistic Care Field

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American Holistic Nurses’ Association defined holistic nursing as “all nursing practice that has healing the whole person as its goal”. Now, many people have embraced this new area of care and have even looked at it as an alternative healing method. The practice deals with the mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects of humans. Charmed to be an agent of healing? Well, you just need two things—first, your skills and experience; then, a resume and nursing cover letter. So let’s discuss them more.

Things You Need to Make a Sound Job-hunt

Skills and Experience

In impressing hiring managers, you must display these holistic nursing stems from five core values in your resume and nursing cover letter:

  1. Philosophy and Education
  2. Ethics, Theories, and Research
  3. Nurse Self-Care
  4. Communication, Therapeutic Environment and Cultural Diversity
  5. Caring Process

Each of these five values is essential for the practice for each one. This means a lot for the work, which you could reflect both in your resume and nursing cover letter.  From these, we can point out what knowledge and skills a person needs to pursue holistic care.

First, nursing principles are your base for clear reasons. The job also requires you to have an intuitive and creative thinking. Consultations skills do matter, too. You should have greater awareness of the relation of the self to the nature, God, and other people.

For sure, your degree has given you theory and hands-on approach. Through these things, you become familiar with the practice. These will be of great help since you get relevant skills on various methods.

You may opt to take certifications. These attest to your skills, knowledge, and experience that the nursing license does not cover.

Write these on your tools-resume and nursing cover letter-once you plan to find a job.

Stellar Resume and Nursing Cover Letter

Now that you have the skills and experiences, prepare then your nurse resume and cover letter. Mind you, these two are going to be your best buddies as you go for a job hunt.

The best resume speaks of your strengths and value as a holistic nurse. Make the core values as your guide on what skills to put on the tool.

On the other hand, a nursing cover letter is used to impress the reader. Hence, it needs to be compelling and striking. Through it, you will be able to give the employer a peek on your worth. Make use of your skills and experiences to tell a story that will push him to read your resume.

Do you need help writing your nursing cover letter? In case you need to pursue a specific nursing field, don’t worry. Expert resume writers have your back.

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