Sample Nurse Resumes: Show off Your Radiologic Care Skills

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Radiology nurses (shortened here as RadN) play a vital role in caring for patients—the modern way. They know how to work on high-tech radiology machines to detect and treat illnesses.

If you want to get a job in this field, of course, start with a good resume. You should show your unique set of skills and talents to qualify. One way to do this is to put upfront the skills you honed from working and practical trainings.

How are you going to say that you are an expert? Cite your skills and experience.

Boost Your Chance

You can look for online sample nurse resumes, or start out by writing these details:

  • Areas of focus. To be a RadN, show that you are have technical and radiology science know-how. Doing this can give hiring team the thought that you can perform patient care the right way.
  • Education. To have this job, you must have an Associate degree or Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. You must pass the NCLEX and be a registered nurse (RN). A master’s or doctorate degree can place you to the most well-paid position.
  • Trainings. Radiology is a risky field, but is vital in finding and treating diseases.  Aside from being an RN, your advance practices can help you get a job in this field. You should show that you have good training in MRI, ultrasound, CT scan, and many more.
  • Certifications. Include licenses and certificates you got from advance education and training in Radiology. Aside from your RN license, you should get your Certified Radiology Nurses (CRN). In fact, having these credentials is a proof that you underwent a thorough hands-on practice.  If you were able to get you CRN it means that you have done the following: you completed 2,000 hours of service within 3 years; and you finished 30 hours of education in the field of radiology in a period of 2 years.
Duties to Perform

You must show expertise in doing multiple tasks to care for patients with different needs. You can find that some sample resume for RadN identify task for diagnosis, therapy, or intervention. So you might as well write these things in your piece:

  • Give health care to patients getting radiation diagnosis, therapy, or intervention.
  • Teach patients to grasp the methods.
  • Help patients in their recovery.
  • Work with the patient’s family and other healthcare experts to meet patient’s needs.
  • Do tests under Radiologist control.
  • Write down results and update patient’s health records.
  • Assist the Radiologist during treatment sessions.
  • Discharge patients from the radiology unit.

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