Genuine or Mean: Telltale Signs You Have a Mean Colleague

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punishing a mean colleague
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It’s ok to fake a smile sometimes. We all do it for different reasons. Thus, we have several ways to cope with difficult situations. But how will you know when someone is being nice for a good reason or simply being mean? One of the most common places where you can spot a fake person is the workplace. After you read this article, ask yourself, am I working with a mean colleague?

The Telltale Signs You Work with a Mean Colleague

Genuine Colleague
Mean Colleague
  • Respect you even when you’re not around
  • Tell bad things behind your back
  • Don’t try to please everyone
  • Tries hard to be accepted and loved by everybody
  • Don’t seek attention
  • Very loud and will do anything to be noticed
  • Don’t brag about their success
  • Show off their achievements and discredit other team members
  • Gossip with other members of the group
  • Delivers promises on time
  • Don’t keep their promises
  • Praise others for a job well done
  • Criticize others to feel good about themselves
  • Help other people succeed and achieve their goals
  • Belittle one’s goals

We’ll all meet different kinds of people at the workplace. It may be difficult to deal with a mean colleague but don’t let him/her dull your shine. Always do your best in everything.

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Source: Lifehack|Wisebread

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