Federal Resume Writing: Bridge to the Government Sector

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federal resume writing
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Public service is never a question of social status or fame. For applicants to make the grade, they need to show off their skills and prove their suitability for the vacant post. Anyone, of course, can try. But in the end, federal agencies will only choose the best. Hence, job hunters must endure an intense federal resume writing task and withstand the stern race to succeed.

Federal Resume Writing Tips For Job Seekers

Unlike in private sectors, certain rules and criteria govern federal job applications. If you’re yet to familiarize yourself with these, then here are tips to help you write a federal job hunt tool that drives results.

  • Be specific.

A federal resume is different from typical job documents. It requires a longer and more detailed listing of information. In federal resume writing, you must include job announcement details (e.g. job number, title, and grade) that we do not usually find in an ordinary resume.

  • Make it complete yet concise.

As often required, your tool should not exceed three to five pages. This excludes the cover letter, KSA statements, and other add-ons.

  • Use Situation-Action-Results (SAR) format to list achievements.

A common federal resume writing practice is to present your feats using the SAR formula. This resume format justifies the skills you can offer to the company when you’re hired. State the challenges you went through, the solutions you did to work them out, and the outcomes of your actions.

  • Highlight your education and work experiences.

Elaborate your professional ventures. Expound on your educational background and include relevant experiences that match your target post.

  • Keep it reader-friendly.

Make sure your document is clear and legible. Use only readable font style and size and apply necessary margins on all sides. Put headings and sections, too, to separate details.

  • Tap someone to proofread your work.

To make sure you’re not missing anything important, a good federal resume writing tip is to seek the help of a friend or a career expert in proofreading your work. Ask them to evaluate your work and see if it’s good to go.

  • Do not forget to enclose your KSA.

KSA stands for Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities. This document measures your suitability for the available position. Once you’re done with your federal resume writing task, devote enough time to complete the required documents and create your KSA.

Are you ready to build a career in the government sector? Then start writing your federal resume. For valuable tips and career advice, contact Resume Professional Writers now!

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