How to Compel Your Future Boss with an Executive Assistant Cover Letter

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If you want to be an executive assistant or EA, prepare yourself to work behind great minds. Remember, you will not only be working with ordinary workers. You will be dealing with top executives, presidents, and people holding high-ranking posts. Thus, it’s only fitting that you know the tough road you are heading. If you are up for the challenge, then impress your future employer through an executive assistant cover letter.

Executive Assistant Cover Letter: Your First Step to Boost Your Career

How will you land a job as an EA? Well, first you have to write a great executive assistant cover letter that will urge them to hire you. Follow these tips for you to create the best one.

1. Customize your letter.

If you want to create a professional image, be sure to address it to the right person. If you don’t know his name, make a way to find it out. Do away with the classic greeting of “To whom it may concern,” or “Dear Sir/Madam:”.

2. Go straight to the point.

Explain what the letter is for and specify the job that you intend to fill. Start by telling how you heard about the job opening. If someone he knows recommended you, say so and mention his name. Say directly in your executive assistant cover letter what caused you to apply as an EA.

3. Show them your interest for the post.

How are you going to show your real interest for the job? You can put a line saying that their company has caught you. Add that you want to sustain their growth by using modern methods and admin support tools. Don’t say that you found their ads and simply decided to apply. Instead, use the cover letter to list your relevant experiences and discuss how you hope to contribute to their company’s success.

4. Write something special.

Express your willingness to be part of the company in your executive cover letter. Be confident and cite the traits that will give you edge over other hopefuls. Justify how calm, organized, and smart you are and how well you communicate, follow orders, and make sound decisions.

It’s not easy to get the employer’s nod and nail an EA post. So be sure you make the most out of your cover letter for executive assistant and impress your future boss with your skills.

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