Best Resume Writers Say: Here’s How to Write Your Cover Letter

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Did you know that your resume is not the only job application document that you need to pay attention to? You guessed it right—your cover letter, too. That’s why, as we’ve gathered your queries, we found out that aside from asking how to get past applicant tracking system, job seekers search for answers to common cover letter questions, as well. This is your wish granted! Here’s what best resume writers say you must do to your cover letter.

Best Resume Writers Reveal the Answers to Your Cover Letter Problems

Cover letter problems, you say? You need not to search more. In this article, we’ll reveal how career experts deal with all your cover letters questions. Read on to learn the secrets of cover letter writing.

1. How does a cover letter differ from your resume?

You must have heard of this statement before: your resume is your marketing tool. Agreed, it’s your way of selling your abilities to the employer. But, if your resume is your marketing document, then what does your cover letter become? Best resume writers came with a simple illustration. Let your resume be your movie trailer and your cover letter as your movie poster. What convinces you to watch a movie? Perhaps, you check its poster and its trailer. After that, you’ll decide whether you’ll buy a ticket to see the film. If your movie poster doesn’t capture the interest of your target employer, then how will you persuade them to see the trailer, let alone, the movie?

Here, you must create your cover letter with this thought in mind. Your cover letter is for your target employer. How will you attract them to check your resume? First, do research on the person in charge, your target position, and the culture of the company where you plan to submit your letter. Let them see your efforts to learn about the company.

The cover letter focuses on what you can do for the employer, why you are the best person for the post, and how you can contribute to the company. Then, your resume is the proof to your claims on your cover letter.

2. What is the role of cover letter in the modern job search?

Now you have learned more about cover letter. But have you already realized its role in your job search? Best resume writers say here’s why you must use a cover letter.

Career coaching experts say your cover letter gives you chance to show your personality to hiring managers, even before they read your resume. The way you write your cover letter tells a lot about you as a person. Thus, you must sound as a professional with a pleasing nature.

Looking for another reason your cover letter is important to your job search? Best resume writers’ advice is to explain concerns or other matters that can’t be discussed on the resume in the cover letter. These issues include job gaps, visa status, or relocation stints. Also, here‘s where you may talk about your job concerns further.

best resume writers say you must research about the job and the company as if using binoculars to search outside

3. What is the structure of a cover letter?

What’s inside a cover letter? Job seekers ask this common question. To answer, it depends on your style and the company you’re applying to. Just do remember that your aim in creating a cover letter is to convince the employer to read your resume and snag an interview.

However, you must consider your language. The key point is to use terms related to your field that the hiring manager and prospective employer could understand.

As for length, best resume writers recommend using three to four paragraphs only. After writing the name and the position of the reviewer of your job application documents, start your opening paragraph by stating how you came across the job opening.

Afterwards, you can state why you are the best applicant for the job. You may share highlights of your career that could entice the hiring managers to check your resume. You may also discuss issues in your job history so employers will know of your concerns. To close your letter, restate your interest in the job and your intent to have an interview scheduled.

4. Why should professional resume writers create your cover letter and resume?

By now, you realized why the cover letter is important. But hang on, why are there people still using professional resume writers for their cover letters? This is because resume writers can present your job application documents in the best way possible. Do you have special issues you need to discuss on your cover letter? Let professional resume writers help you include it in your resume, without damaging your hiring chances. Do you want to stress a specific achievement in your career you think could impress the hiring managers? Leave it to them to display your strengths. These best resume writers know the strategies to make your cover letter stellar.

best resume writers discuss your cover letter questions

Bonus Tip from Best Resume Writers: The Three C’s of Cover Letter Writing

Do you want more pieces of advice from best resume writers about cover letters? Here’s to three C’s you must remember when you finished a draft of your cover letter.

First, ask yourself, is it clear? If you’re the reader, could you understand what you wrote?

Second, is your cover letter concise? Hiring managers have little time to read, and would not read beyond four paragraphs. Thus, make your letter succinct.

Last, your cover letter should be convincing. Will the hiring manager engage in what you wrote, or set it aside in the discard pile? Of course, you want to avoid the latter!

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