How to Write a Cover Letter for Internal Job Application

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Even after you get hired, job opportunities may still come your way. From time to time, there may be job openings within the company where you are employed at. And these opportunities may interest you. But don’t grab them as of yet. Think about some factors. If you already have an updated resume, do you also have an internal cover letter, as well?

Thoughts to Ponder on Creating Internal Cover Letter

1. Growth

Do you think the job offer will help you achieve career growth as a professional? Does it present new opportunities and areas for career development? If your answers to these questions are two yeses, then pursue creating an effective cover letter.

2. Longevity

For how long do you think you can stay on your job prospect? Do you see yourself doing the “new” role for a long time? You should always consider “longevity” in any opportunity presented to you.

3. Development

If you think that the job will open lots of future opportunities for you, then applying for it will “future-proof” your career. Further, it is also beneficial for you to meet new people and develop connections and social interactions.

Tips for an Effective Cover Letter

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After being able to finally decide on whether or not you should send your application for an internal job opening, the next thing you need to focus on is writing your effective cover letter. Don’t know how to write it? Here are some tips from our career experts:

1. Know who is the contact person.

Is it the HR manager? The department head? Or the team supervisor? Knowing the right person whom you will contact for your application can make the process more fluid and faster. Make sure to use proper salutation in your effective cover letter. Check also for spelling errors. Sure you don’t want to spell the contact person’s name incorrectly.

2. Collect useful info about the post.

Showing the employer how knowledgeable you are about the job being offered will increase your hiring chances. Before you make a draft of your letter, make sure to do a proper amount of research. You can also ask key persons to obtain some useful details about the internal job opening.

3. Include an updated resume.

Make sure to attach a resume with updated information about your current position. You should be able to give the recruiter an updated account of what you are doing in your current team or department.

Knowing the importance of a cover letter and reviewing these writing tips can help do well for internal job application. Make sure to create your own checklist for you to succeed.

If you can’t write your own internal cover letter, writers can provide you with the job search tools you need.

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