Best Resume Writing Services: Conquering the 2019 Job Search Trends

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The New Year sparks job search frenzy among candidates. Are you one of those who seek to land your dream job this year? Heads up, you must prepare for these job search trends. If you need help to gear up, you’ve come to the right place! As the best resume writing services firm, we’ve got your job search needs covered!

Best Resume Writing Services Firms’ List of 2019 Job Search Trends

If you’re reading this, you must be preparing for war–job search 2019. Job applications increase during the start of the year. However, you may have the same mindset along with other job seekers–how will you increase your odds? Simple, you must equip yourself of the 2019 job search trends.

1. Candidate-centered Recruitment

Recruiting in 2019 left the usual hiring trends. This year, the tables are turned because the strength of employment depends on its aspirants−you. Hence, consider the following when you apply for a job.

a. Candidate Experience

What was your most striking job application experience? Were you too nervous that you had a hard time during the interview? Would you endorse others to apply in the company? These questions are just a few of the concerns to take note during hiring.

b. Employer Brand

When you apply for a job, what else do you look for, aside from the job descriptions? You got it! It’s the employer brand. Most companies today declare a cause they believe in and support. Before you submit your resume and cover letter ensure that the beliefs and ideals of the company reflect your own.

c. Skills Development

Did you know as per a LinkedIn research, the most in demand technical skill is Cloud Computing? Meanwhile, creativity tops the list of the most coveted soft skill. If you think your skills need an upgrade, then you must attend seminars to elevate your knowledge and skills. This way, when you consult the best resume writing services firms, not only will your written resume contain your updated skills, you’ll also receive tips on how to highlight your skills during your job interviews.

d. Diverse Recruiting

Companies now recognize that there is beauty in diversity. You need not to make your resume appear white to get equal opportunity. Rather, you must play your strengths-prove that you have the skills and the attitude, regardless of your race and gender. Are you now fueled to show them what you got?

2. Human Resources Technology

When you think of human resources, do you expect to meet robots along the way? While it may be unheard of years back, technology has changed the way humans get hired. Gone are the days you’ll just submit your written resumes. Now you need to think similar to a machine–in clues and codes. Fear not, our best resume writing services can help you figure things out!

a. Applicant Tracking System

If you’ve been long enough in the job search arena, you’ve probably heard of the phrase ‘beat the bots’. It gained fame among job seekers when the applicant tracking system took part in choosing candidates. That’s fair, you may think, until you realize that you didn’t receive a call, just because you didn’t use certain keywords. Want to ‘beat the bots’ on your terms? Let our best resume writers orient you on applicant tracking systems.

b. General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR

Do you remember filling up data fields on job posting sites? You must have asked why there’s a need for such. Bad news, there’s a chance your data might have been used without your knowledge. Good news, you’re not the only one concerned. That’s why to protect your privacy; the EU passed this law that affects industries worldwide, even in recruitment. Expect privacy statements come your way, as part of your job search.

c. Candidate Relationship Management

If the New Year urged you to get back to job search, you may not be the only one. Imagine meeting several co-candidates in your journey, hoping to get the same spot you aim for. All of you have eyes on the prize. How will the firm keep track? They use this tool called the Candidate Relationship Management. Along with applicant tracking systems, the recruitment arm of the firms uses technology to bring the hiring process at a par with the changing times.

3. New Recruitment Techniques

Do you want to keep up on how technology changes the hiring process? Learn these new methods so you won’t get stuck on the dated ones.

a. Recruitment Marketing

It’s all about being connected. Aside from displaying your skills, enrich your contacts. 2019 job search trends follow the millennial mindset of being inclusive, so you better build rapport with your network! Who knows, you get first dibs in submitting a cover letter and a great resume to a job post right away. Don’t forget to have your documents checked by career experts from best resume writing services firms!

b. Inbound Recruiting

What’s a best way to get a job? When you receive an offer when you least expect it. Do you have an idea how it happens? It could be inbound recruiting. You’re on the radar of certain companies, that’s why they continue to engage with you, hoping that you choose them as your next employer.

c. Social Recruiting

Did you know you could get scouted using social media? That’s right. As part of the changing schemes to get the best hires, recruiters turn to social media, not just to do background checks, but to seek candidates who could join their firms. They could even encourage you to apply! Now, you know why you should take care of what you post online.

d. Employee Referrals/Collaborative Hiring

Did you know hiring managers have another ally in terms of recruitment? You got it right! They have their coworkers. Companies give incentive if employees refer good candidates. Sometimes, several departments work just to fill up a job post!

Best Resume Writing Services: Your Help to Keep Up with 2019 Job Search

With these trends, are you more pumped up to face 2019 job search head on? In case, it psyched you out, don’t worry. You have your own ally with the best resume writing services, Resume Professional Writers! We could create your quality resume, 2019 job search trends applied. Don’t just keep up with the trends. Surpass the expectations to get your dream job. Speak to one of our career experts now!

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Don’t just surpass, exceed! Conquer the 2019 Job Search Trends compiled by best resume writing services.

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