Nursing Resume Cover Letter 101 for Forensic Nurses

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Are you in the nursing field but wish to do more than the usual nurse stuff? Have you ever wished you could combine your love for solving crimes and caring for the needy? Well, if you do, then forensic nursing is what you need! Forensic nursing is a relatively new branch of nursing gaining interest for it is a cross between healthcare and being part of the judicial system profession. Just like any other job, you must prepare your job application documents. Aside from your resume, did you know your nursing resume cover letter plays an equal part, too? Find out how it can make or break reaching for this targeted job!

Tips in Writing Nursing Cover Letter for All Nurses

Are you having a hard time looking for the best nursing cover letter for all nurses? Before you drown in the registered nurse or rn cover letter samples found all over the internet, better to check these tips so you’ll know what must you have in your own nursing resume cover letter. (Tip so you won’t forget, remember the TV show C.S.I. as the acronym!)

Check for Skills Needed in Your Specific Industry

As you know, Forensic Nursing is a relatively new Healthcare branch, and not everyone may be aware of the terms and special skills needed for the said job. Better yet, check the job post you’re eyeing. Did you know these skills could also be keywords that you may use to get past applicant tracking systems? Below are the usual skills possessed by a forensic nurse job aspirant:

  • Collect blood, tissue and semen samples, depending on the scenario
  • Gather evidence from victims and suspects’ person/body
  • Properly handle all evidence gathered
  • Evaluate and document patients’ injuries
  • Request lab tests and interprets the test result
  • Manage the victim’s emotional trauma and fear
  • Maintain compassion and privacy of the patient
  • Testify in court as an expert witness using evidence gathered
  • Provide expert forensic nursing consultation
  • Serve as a bridge between the healthcare and legal systems

Search about the Company and Their Culture

When you write a nursing resume cover letter, make sure you know the specific person and position you will address. No matter how impressive your record maybe if you fail to give it to the correct person, then all your hard work will go to waste. Don’t know which specific person to give your documents? LinkedIn is a great place to start.

Try figuring out as much as you can about the company, so you can tailor-fit your cover letter based on their company culture. Do they expect you to be very formal? Will it be okay to use a relaxed tone? This way, you can check if the company culture fit your values. You can also use this to figure which words to choose in writing your cover letter.

Identify Your Strengths and Emphasize Them

Now that you’ve gathered as much data about the job, it’s time to compare what you have with what they’re looking for. If you aspire to be a forensic nurse, make sure that both your nursing resume and cover letter is up to par. Just like any important job, there are standards before you get shortlisted. Hence, it’s important to complete these so you qualify to be at the top of the list! Some of these requirements are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree – A degree that takes four years to complete, and must choose among these foci: pharmacology, clinical nutrition, pathophysiology, pediatric and adult health patterns, and physical assessment. A forensic nurse must have practicum towards critical care, obstetrics, surgical nursing, pediatrics, community health, and psychiatry. These essentials will hone your clinical evaluating, situational analysis, and critical thinking skills needed as a forensic nurse.
  • Registered Nurse Credentials – Once you complete your schooling, you must take and pass the NCLEX-RN Examinations governed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing or NCSBN.
  • Higher Credentials – Hiring managers will also take note if you have higher learning included as part of what you can give to the company. Part of your continuous learning is if you choose to have a postgraduate program or a short certificate program on forensic nursing. You can also choose to get other certificate programs, such as Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner and select on whether to concentrate on SANE-A for adults or a SANE – P for pediatrics. You can also become a Certified Forensic Nurse (CFN) and Certified Specialist in Forensic Nursing (FN-Csp).

Unique Tip in Writing an Example Nursing Resume Cover Letter

Is the cover letter still important in the current job search? According to industry experts, they still do! In fact, a cover letter is your chance to tell a prospective employer about the things you may not be able to say in your resume. Make sure that your cover letter must be targeted and complete, so recruiters will not reject your documents.

Did you know that there’s a trend called disruptive cover letter, which can increase your chances of getting your application to reach human eyes? Answer these questions to help you formulate a nursing cover letter unique to you!

  • What makes the company you’re applying for different, special, and unique?
  • How will the job you are applying for important not only to you but to everyone?
  • What life experiences have taught you how the work the company does makes a difference?

Nursing Resume Cover Letter Is Needed To Become A Full-Pledged Forensic Nurse Who Inspects Victims

Set Off Your Career: Forensic Nurse Job Outlook

In the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the employment for registered nurses will grow to 12 percent from 2018 – 2028.

Possible Forensic Nurse Job Opportunities

Wondered what jobs you can take should you pursue Forensic Nursing? Here are the paths you can choose from:

  • Child Abuse Nurse Examiner
  • Psychiatric Forensic Nurse
  • Corrections Nurse
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • Clinical Nurse Practitioner
  • Nurse Investigator

2018 Forensic Nurse Median Pay

USD $ 71, 730.00 per year, USD $ 34.48 per hour

2018 Highest Paying States for Forensic Nurses

California $98,400
Texas $68,590
New York $77,110
Hawaii $88,230
Massachusetts $85,770

Need Help Creating Your Nursing Resume Cover Letter?

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to create your own sample cover letter for nursing job application documents, you don’t need to worry; Resume Professional Writers can help you. We understand that you have what it takes to care for patients and victims, and we make sure that your prospective employers know it too, just by looking at your nursing resume and cover letter. Avoid the hassle and present well-put-together job documents when you choose from our resume services. Do you want to look for evidence on how well we do our job? Just check the testimonies of our clients who are satisfied job seekers. Together, we can pilot your career vista!

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