6 Ways Your Cover Letter Can Ruin Your Chances of Success

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Looking for a job is such a long, tedious, and exhausting process. You need to look for a job opening, submit your resume, wait to be called for an interview, and attend interviews. But before you go through all this, you have to edit your resume and write a solid cover letter.

Now creating a resume is hard work, but writing a cover letter is terrifyingly tricky. A lot of applicants mess up when it comes to this. Imagine, a single sheet of paper can either help or ruin your chances of getting your dream job. Yikes!

But how does a person do wrong in a cover letter, and how can it be fixed?

1. Using a Generic Greeting

“Good day, Sir/Ma’am.” This is a double-whammy; it’s not only generic but also impersonal. Who are you talking to? Know the name of the person you’re addressing to. Avoid using opening statements or greetings that hundreds of people before you already used. You can try, “Warm greetings, Ms. Jones.” It’s quite unique and specific.

2. Using the Wrong Letter Format

Use a business letter format that includes the date, your mailing address, and that of the recipient. Don’t assume that you can go crazy and be informal in your cover letter. You want it to be “personal” and not “unprofessional”.

3. Sending the Same Cover Letter All the Time

Just like a resume, a single cover letter cannot be used for every position an applicant is interested in. It’s important that you make it appealing to everyone who will be reading it; hence you have to customize it to fit what hiring managers are looking for.

4. Putting Readers to Sleep

It shouldn’t be long and boring; it has to be short but sweet. You don’t have to inform the reader of your childhood aspirations and how life made it hard for you to achieve your dreams. Include information that matters to you, the hiring manager, and the job post you’re applying for.

5. Forgetting to Proofread

Who wants to read a formal document filled with grammatical errors? Review your cover letter carefully and at least 3 times; edit all the mistakes to avoid looking unprofessional.

6. Not Sending One at All

If someone tells you that you don’t need a cover letter, look them in the eye and smirk. You now know that you must always have it to make you look like a better professional.

Don’t be afraid of going the extra mile because it will be worth it, especially when you’re trying to reach your professional goals. If you feel lost and confused, contact our professional resume writers for other resume writing services (including cover letter writing) you can count on.

Source: DenverPost.com
Photo courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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