Jobseeker’s Guide to Writing a General Cover Letter

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Do you need to submit a cover letter in your job application? While cover letters aren’t always part of the job requirements, no rules restrict you from handing over one. Actually, presenting it along with your resume helps you to stand out in job fairs. This way, you imply your strong intent to take on the position. Like resumes, cover letters must be tailored for the specific company or job post to make them more relevant. However, if you want to start drafting one today even if you don’t have a specific job post in mind, you can start with your general cover letter. Learn a few tips and tricks in writing your own cover letter.

Tips on Making a General Cover Letter

How can you make a good cover letter to bolster your hiring chances? Heed these tips.

Use proper heading

You should place a heading to show a professional image. You can use the same header you used in your resume. Also, be sure that your header contains your contact information so hiring managers can reach you. Then, use the usual letter format that contains vital parts: date, salutation line, and your message.

Make a strong opening piece

Create an initial remark that describes your expertise. You can cite an achievement, personal belief, values, or sort out the career that fits you. For instance, you can write, “I am an aspiring chemist who graduated from the University of Texas looking for an entry-level role. I look forward to becoming a part of your reputable company that, in my belief, will give me professional progress and on-the-job learning.”

Alternatively, your opening paragraph may contain information that presents the reader with focused details about the post you pursue.

Sum up your professional experiences

Your cover letter must support your resume. That said; you must be able to describe your entire career journey within a few paragraphs. Start with the notable achievements and challenges you’ve encountered in your previous jobs. You can also elaborate on the details you wrote in your resume along with your future career goals.

Highlight your expertise

Even though you’re drafting a generic cover letter, it’s still best to mention the relevant skills in your respective field. Are you applying for a job in the field of IT? Then cite your web-related skills. You may also include your transferrable skills and connect them to your aspired job post.

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End it with thanks

Always thank the hiring manager for their effort to screen your resume and cover letter. Include it in your closing paragraph along with your final remarks. You may also use this section to restate your contact details and your winning edge among other applicants. Similar to the opening paragraph, you must also end it strong to leave a lasting impact.

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