Declining an Interview: How to Do It Courteously

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Woman declining an interview over the phone
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When you have to decline an interview, saying a plain “no” is not the right way to do it. In the first place, why should you do it the polite way?

In declining an interview, you can do it the blunt way, or to not even say a word. But if you do it in a graceful way, recruiters will admire you for being professional. You can use this respect should you decide to consider them in the future.

So how are you going to say or write the proper words?

Four Must-Do Ways of Declining an Interview

Here are tips to show a refined manner of declining an interview:

1. Acknowledge the call or e-mail.

Once recruiters notify you through e-mail or call, respond by thanking them for the time and consideration.

2. Make a timely reply.

If you have to reject the offer, send it out the soonest. Be mindful that there are other people who make interview followup. If you relay your answer at once, recruiters would call other applicants to take over the slot you left. They would be more gracious to get your reply early because they can promptly work on this.

3. Give out your sincere thanks.

Show that you are humble and grateful to recruiters for choosing you. By confronting them this way, they would feel that their efforts were not a waste. Exude how thankful you are for their concern to speak with you. You can do this through the phone or e-mail. You may say or write this phrase, “I am so pleased that your good company considered me for an interview.” Also, do not forget the word moving forward. You can say, “Moving on, I would not waver to commend your great firm to other aspirants.”

4. No need to say more details.

Do not say why you drop the chance. But if pressed to answer, just say that you want to try other fields, or don’t want to pursue your job search. Also, it is important not to tell any bad remarks to their firm.

After working hard to convince hiring managers, a courteous response will serve you well. They might have seen you as the right person for that interview. So if invited over, the way of declining an interview must reflect the respectful you.

If you don’t know how to put these things in writing or if you want to read more career help tips, you may visit and seek help from expert writers.

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