6 Critical Factors You Must Consider before Accepting a Job Offer

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Scoring a job offer means you’ve made it through the roughest part of your quest. All the applications and thank-you letters have paid off. Congratulations!

However, the stress is not over yet.

You still need to decide if you should accept the job offer or not. So, before you grab that new role, slow down and consider these things to make sure you’re 100% confident in your decision.

Things to Consider in Accepting a Job Offer

1. The People

Your future boss, team, and workmates are crucial for your work happiness and success. Sure, it’s hard to judge people after only meeting them briefly, but think about how they treated you during the interview. Does your future boss show respect to his team members? Do his expectations seem reasonable? Since you spend more time with your colleagues than you do with your family, make sure you like and respect the people at your job.

2. The Benefits

A job benefits package is important for more than the obvious reasons. If a company offers its workers benefits such as health, dental, and retirement, it means they’re competitive and doing well financially. If a firm doesn’t offer benefits package, perhaps the firm is small or struggling as a company. Even if perks really don’t matter to you, working for a firm without them is something you should consider before pouncing a job offer.

3. The Environment

Assess the pros and cons of working for an agency, a non-profit, a corporation, or a startup. They are different environments, and you must decide which setting you’d thrive in. If you want a fast-paced environment, the start-up or agency path may suit you. If you’re more of an individual worker who likes structure and competition, a corporation may be a good choice.

The physical location is important to consider, too. A lack of lunch or long commute options may pull down your daily attitude. Nothing is worse than going to a miserable work environment every morning, and even worse, taking home that grief with you.

4. The Stability of the Company

While many companies can impress with their current profits or past work, take the time to research on the firm’s recent achievements and hiring activities. Has it been operating securely during this crazy economic climate? If so, you’re likely eyeing at a stable job. If not, be careful. You could be walking into a chancy situation and a job that could be gone within a few months.

5. The Compensation

Money isn’t everything, but it’s an important factor to ponder before accepting a job offer. Maybe the recruiter or hiring manager told you, “Here’s your starting pay,” and you liked that figure well enough to say, “I’m in!” But wait, there’s more to the income picture than just your annual salary. You need to know, too, how much is the average salary for the job; how often they will pay you; if you will get a bonus plan; and if they conduct performance and salary review. Likewise, know if you’re eligible or not for overtime, and if so, how will they calculate that overtime.

6. Your Gut

After you’ve weighed the essential factors, take the time to listen to what your gut is telling you. Do you remember what people often say when they buy a house? “When you walk into the one, you’ll feel it.” The same tip here: if you walk out of a job interview and everything feels right (or wrong), listen to that feeling.

What other tips do you have for your fellow applicants before they accept a job offer? Share them with us! We’d love to hear from you. Yet if you need federal resume writers, hire us! Visit this site for details.

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