Senior Accountant Resume Examples

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  • A professional in the field of business planning to seek senior accounting resume examples while taking note of her qualifications to boost her employment chances.

Having been an accountant for a couple of years? Do you feel it’s time for you to level up your career? Before you write your application tool, though, you might want to take a look at our senior accountant resume examples and other industry data to help ease your job hunt process.

What You Need to Know

You have to pursue your plan of seeking a senior-level post now. Here’s the good news for you. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS projects a positive outlook for both accountants and auditors jobs. Based on the data posted on its website, there would be 10% employment growth for this sector between 2016 and 2026. This rate is faster than the average of all the jobs. You may not believe it but its growth largely depends on the country’s economy—the more it grows, the greater opportunities are there for workers. That said, you are likely to succeed with your quest since the economic growth remains robust these days.

How will you make the cut?

  • Training and Certification

A bachelor’s degree in accounting or any related course is a must. If you are a Certified Public Accountant, you have greater chance of landing a job. Also, a broad exposure in the field is a plus for those seeking a high-level post.

  • Required Skills

Know the basics of accounting. Have the technical skills related to accounts, financial statements, entries, fund balance, and bank reconciliation, among others. Besides auditing, you need to be good at general administration, strategic planning, report generation, and presentations.

Does this post offer a bright future?

  • Median Pay

The BLS listed the accountant’s median pay in 2018 at $70,500 per year. The figure includes salaries from entry-level to the most senior workers. As for the senior accountant salary alone, PayScale reports an annual average pay of $66,467.

  • Job Prospects

Every firm has to deal with complex financial processes, from book auditing to finance oversight. Thus, senior accountants are needed in several sectors. The fields with high demand for accounting posts are education, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and the government.

Where can you find job openings to level up your career? Also, which are the best states for accountants?’s list of 10 best states for 2019 include CT, NY, RI, NJ, VA, DE, DC, TX, MA, and NH. Four of these states also make it to the list of 5 best-paying states that US News & World Report published on their website. Based on 2017 data, their list includes DC, NY, NJ, VA, and CA, arranged in order. The range for mean salaries for these states is between $83,540 and $96,880. For current job offers, you may just use sites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and Simply Hired to speed up your job search.

How does a senior accountant resume look?

Now, if you are sure to have what it takes to hold this job, arm yourself with a strong tool. Here’s one of our senior accountant resume examples to guide you through the writing process. Take a look and learn how we craft a resume for this job.

How will senior accountant resume examples work for you?

What makes our sample outputs stand out? How will they help you succeed in your quest? Read these pointers, which may also serve as tips when you write your own tool.

  • Career Tag – Don’t let the hirer guess your target post or consider you for a job you dislike. Tell it straight.
  • Summary – In five phrases, describe yourself as the fittest candidate. Be sure to use strong yet precise adjectives when citing your qualifications.
  • Skills – A section that contains the skills you acquired over the years proves how well you master your craft. Every item in the list serves as your keyword, letting the readers notice this section in a glance.
  • Work History – List all the relevant posts you have held for the past 10 years. Cite all your tasks for all the jobs with a strong action word to start each item. Don’t forget to highlight your key achievements.
  • Earlier Career – If needed to boost your chances, you may also cite your past jobs from over 10 years ago. Well, this is just okay given that you’re a seasoned pro seeking a senior position in the field.
  • Credentials – Write your college degree, the name of the school where you earned it and its location, and the year you graduated. You may opt to put your GPA, if it is high. Likewise, you can include here the details of the CPA exam you passed.
  • Technical Acumen – The fact that your target job requires certain programs, systems, and apps, you have to tell you’re adept in using them.

Still can’t create your own piece even with senior accountant resume examples you can access from online sources? Seek the help of expert writers. You might want to hire our resume writing services to have an optimized, targeted resume. For more details, contact us at 1 (800) 845-0586.