Military Resume Samples: Why Include Security Clearance

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Hiring in the armed forces is really tough. Working as the nation’s guard allows you to access some restricted data. These are top-secret info that disclosure can put the state’s safety at risk. As such, you have to show a reliable military resume to make it to the military. No idea how to make one? Check out military resume samples online, or better yet, read on and find out!

Military Resume Samples: Your Guide to Make Your Own Military Resume

The reason you see military resume samples with security clearance is to show upfront a trusted identity. In fact, it is a license to prove that the entire force can rely on you.

Why Does Security Clearance Matters

If you are serious to be a soldier, your clearance is crucial. Here are the reasons it can lead you to a noble job:

  • Trusted federal agencies do the background checks.

When you apply for a clearance, the Defense Security Service (DSS) does most of the probes. The Department of Defense (DOD) is also involved. Since these are decent bureaus, who would not dare to check on someone’s integrity?

  • The course to get clearance is intrusive.

You must follow strict rules before you get a clearance. First, unlike your military resume which you can create, you cannot apply for a security clearance on your own. A contractor or federal agency must sponsor you. Second, you should show your duties. From there, you can say if you want to apply for confidential or top secret clearance.

  • The probe is in-depth.

When you want to get a security clearance along with your military resume, you will wait for six months or a year before you get the results. In fact, there are more than 500,000 requests for approval. This means that the DSS is making a rigid survey to check on credentials.

  • You undergo a thorough profile check.

After the fact-finding phase, the DOD will then look at the result. This is to make sure that you meet the 13 factors they set. They will assess your faith to the country, criminal records, conducts, drug abuse, mental disorders, and many more. While based on the sort of clearance you ask, profile check can go broad. Expect that they will screen your family and friends.

  • You went through a sifted selection phase.

Even if you have endured the phases, it’s possible that you may not get your license which you need along with your military resume. Only the qualified ones can get a clear way through the army.

Getting security clearance makes you a worthy applicant. If you got one, this means that you are qualified to enter the battlefield. So write the licenses’ samples on your military resume. This will make you the most trustworthy person to keep the nation’s top-secret info.

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