What Your Generic Resume Objective Should Look Like This 2020

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  • Job seeker revamping his generic resume objective

Ditch your old generic resume objective and create a more defined resume summary. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the trends and tips in writing resume objective as we move forward this 2020 and beyond. Read on to know how you can build a killer career summary that can help you land your aspired job.

What is a Resume Objective

A resume objective or career objective is a short introduction to your short-term career goals. It is often placed at the start of a resume to persuade the hiring managers that you’re the best fit for the desired job post. In order to write effective resume objective statements, you must know the best traits that the hiring managers want to see in a candidate. You can start by checking the posted qualifications and job roles. Hence, objective statement is not a one-size-fits-all part of a resume. To make it convincing, you must tailor it to fit the job post you’re vying for.

How Resume Objective Has Changed Through the Years

Along with the advancement of technology, job search trends also progress. For instance, instead of screening each resume manually, most firms today use applicant tracking systems. These software help hiring managers filter, sort, and arrange job search tools based on pre-defined standards. This is only one of the many resume trends that you must know if you’re a planning to enter the current job market. Consequently, this also changes how you, as a job seeker, must craft your resume.

An example of this is the change in resume objective writing. Before, generic resume objective simply states one’s career goals:

To seek employment as a marketing manager in a Digital Marketing industry.

But to fit the current trend, it evolved into a more detailed career statement:

Creative professional with more than 5 years of experience in marketing management. Seeking employment in a digital marketing industry where I can provide my expertise as marketing manager.

To be on top of today’s job market, it’s not enough to just let the recruiter’s know your career goals. You must also provide them a good basis to choose you. State your skills and experiences to let them know that you’re the best fit for the job post.

When to Use Resume Objective

Based on a report from Ladders last 2018, most hiring managers only spend six seconds to scan a single resume. Hence, to make them review the rest of your job search tool, you must add a strong intro. But let’s say you’re lacking work experiences. If so, then you can use resume objectives. This type of job search tool intro is helpful for fresh graduates and career changers.

But, if you think you have enough related skills to your desired job post even if you’re a newbie, career experts suggest using resume summary instead. This is an extensive version of your resume objective.

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How to Transform Your Generic Resume Objective to Resume Summary

Job seeker writing tips on optimizing generic resume objective

Describe your professional title

Waste no time! Maximize your six seconds of spotlight. Introduce yourself as a professional and mention your years in the field. Highlight your expertise without sounding too boastful. Keep in mind that this section will set the tone for the rest of your job search tool.

Mention your value offer

Your value offer comprises of your traits that set you apart from others. This can include the awards that you have received in your previous job roles. You can also flaunt here your expertise in the field combined with your good character. Yes, apart from skills, hiring managers also look into one’s character.

Translate achievements to numbers

To support your value offer, you can mention your previous accomplishments. The best way to do this is to quantify them with the use of percentage, numbers, or sales figures. Hiring managers want to read numbers in one’s resume. So, if you have one, don’t forget to include it to your intro.

Sprinkle resume keywords

In relation to the ATS, career experts advise job seekers to add enough keywords into their resume objective or summary. Since this section is one of the most vital parts of a job search tool, it’s most likely to be scanned by the software.

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Sum up

After listing all the mentioned elements of a good resume intro; it’s time to weave them together in a statement. Keep it concise yet impactful. Condense your intro into a short paragraph, usually one to two sentences only. Your goal here is to prove an interesting snippet for them to check the entire job search tool.

Secure a Job Interview Today with Well-Written Resume

Similar to the factors that play a big part in the job market, job search trends also change. Thus, you must upgrade your resume writing techniques if you want to snag a spot in the tight job competition. Transform your generic resume objective into something that will capture your broader career goals and your winning feats. Apply the tips we listed above and be ready to secure more job calls. But if you want the best for your job search tool, we suggest you to hire an expert resume writer. Talk to our career experts now and see our best resume writing offers today!