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Job Interview: How to Crack Your Interviewer’s Body Language

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Finally, you got invited to an interview and you’ve come a step closer to get your dream job. However, while you’re nailing the job prospect, some job evaluators show altered gestures that lead you to baffling ideas. Most people think it’s tough to assess your chances after an interview. Some may lose hope and absorb the body gestures as failed …

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The 5Ws and 1H Guide: Salary Negotiation Tips You Should Know

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Preparing for your interview requires you to have a checklist. You must prepare your clothes, resume, and portfolio for the big day. More importantly, you must be ready for the final hurdle in the interview. Give the perfect answer to the crucial question, “What’s your salary expectation?” Hence, here are the 5Ws and 1H of salary negotiation tips to help …

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Top 5 Follow-Up Interview Habits You Must Avoid

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Doing a follow-up interview is one of the most vital things you should do after you have met and spoken with the human resource personnel of the firm in which you have applied for a job post. It shows them your interest in the position and serves as a reminder for them to call you when results of the interview are …

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Say These 10 Statements in a Job Interview to Fail It

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Most interview advice focuses on things you should say to land a job. This includes tips on how to say you possess the right set of skills, a great personality, and the drive to make things happen in your new role. However, as you prepare answers to interview questions that’ll let you do all of those things, it’s important to …

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8 Useless Questions You Should Never Ask in a Job Interview

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As an interviewer, you know you only have a limited time to learn about a potential hire. Thus, make sure you don’t waste time asking useless interview questions that will not help you find the right person. Check out the following useless interview questions you should scratch off your interview question list now: 1. “What are your greatest weaknesses?” “My …

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Smart Answers to 8 Common Job Interview Questions

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Are you in for an interview? So, congratulations! That’s laudable. Don’t mimic other applicants, though, who stumble during interviews because they’re hearing strange questions. What follows are common interview questions (and the correct ways to answer them), to be confident in facing your interviewer. Suggested Answers to Common Job Interview Questions “Tell me something about yourself.” This question is one …

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4 Strategies to Survive a Tough Job Interview

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A tough job interview can knock your confidence and make you doubt your skills. If you want to stay composed during the big day and get the job, heed these tips. How Will You Survive a Tough Job Interview? 1. Practice before the big day. While you know what’s on your resume, it’s easy to forget crucial details during a …

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10 Vital Questions to Ask an Employer in a Job Interview

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Job interviews are a two-way exchange of questions and answers between the applicant and the interviewer to become familiar before hiring. If you wish to be the ideal person for the vacancy, fire away these important job interview questions: 1. “Please describe a usual day in this role.” It’ll be helpful if you realize your duties before contract signing. Likewise, …

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What Do Interviewers Mean When They Ask These Questions?

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Attending an interview is a lot like walking on a minefield. There are several things that can go wrong and you most likely won’t be able to point out the exact moment the hiring manager decided that you would not be hearing from them again. More often than not, interviewers don’t say exactly what they mean. There are underlying messages …

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What You Shouldn’t Wear to Your Next Job Interview

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First impression lasts. This is a common saying that is uttered mostly in a professional setting, and especially true in job interviews. It’s important for an applicant to catch an interviewer’s attention and be memorable, but you must do this in all the right ways. A way to guarantee you’ll leave a bad mark in hiring managers—and possibly ruin your …