The 5 Best Engineering Resume Writing Services This Year

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As the economy and other sectors get on track after the world health crises due to the COVID-19 pandemic and monkeypox, the engineering industry is ready to bounce back. The industry has opened after more than two (2) years of lockdown, resulting to demands for engineering professionals.

In fact, there’s a growth projection of around 6.9% in 2022 and 3.5% in 2026. One reason is that the many branches of this field, such as AI, automotive, electric, construction, and industrial, are all vital factors to ensuring innovation and progress. Hence, there’s a need for a workforce that includes experts in these facets of engineering.

If you’re one of the aspiring professionals who want to thrive in this field, you need effective job search tools. Thus, it’s wise to hire the best engineering resume writing services if you’re not confident in preparing your own. Doing so enables you to have an ATS-ready resume that can boost your chances of securing your target post.

To help you choose a resume that fits your job search needs, we have listed the top engineering resume writing services. Scroll down for our picks.

Rundown of the 5 Best Engineering Resume Writing Services

Giving the job to trusted resume companies is beneficial both immediately and in the long run. Having this said, you need to be mindful when choosing the best engineering resume writing services. Check out our shortlist of reputable engineering resume writers.

When Should You Use an Engineering Resume Writing Service?

Securing your target position can be achieved when you have the skills, credentials, and relevant work experience. These factors are essential to prove that you’re fit for the job. Not to mention, it’s imperative in the engineering industry to have the necessary requirements in order to assume the role—and thrive in it.

As mentioned earlier, your chances of getting a step closer to your career starts with your resume. You need to ensure that your qualifications are strategically outlined in your job search document. This is because it serves as your marketing tool that advertises why you’re the best fit for the post. Easy? Not so fast! It takes expertise to effectively showcase such qualities on paper.

If you’re hesitant about whether you need the assistance of engineering resume writing services, check out this checklist to help you decide.

You’re having a hard time highlighting your qualifications.

There’s no denying that engineering, just like other professions, requires skills, industry knowledge, expertise, and relevant experience. If you don’t know how to communicate these in your job search tool, it’s best to hire expert engineering resume writers. They’re highly adept at highlighting your selling points in your resume.

You have a lot on your to-do list.

Looking for jobs isn’t easy; it requires time and a lot of preparation. Hiring the best engineering resume writing services allows you to focus on completing other necessary documents and preparing for the big day—the job interview.

It’s been taking a long time to get interview invites.

If you don’t have expertise in resume writing, you might have a hard time showcasing your qualifications, which could snatch your chance of getting an interview invite. Once you’ve sent your self-written resume and still haven’t received a call from a recruiter, there might be a problem with your job search document. In this case, consider hiring professional resume writers to revamp your tool.

How to Choose the Best Engineering Resume Writing Service

Finding the most reliable among the hundreds of engineering resume writing services online can be challenging. To help you decide whether a resume writing service provider is best for your job search needs, here are some things you need to do to weigh the credibility of a firm.

  • Check out the website of the engineering resume writing services company and their service offerings.
  • Book a consultation to get an idea of their service inclusions, turnaround time, pricing, and guarantees.
  • Request a quote to find out if your budget fits their service rates.
  • Browse through their resume samples to check their writers’ writing skills.
  • Read their privacy policies and terms and conditions.

The 5 Best Engineering Resume Writing Services

Here are the best engineering resume writing services that made the cut. Browse through our list before hiring one.

1. Resume Professional Writers

Rpw Listed As One Of The Best Engineering Resume Writing Services
The 5 Best Engineering Resume Writing Services This Year 1

Resume Professional Writers is one of the pillars in the industry of engineering resume writing services in the US. With over two decades in the field, we’ve mastered the art of resume writing and career coaching. Moreover, our passion has resulted in an annual 96% satisfaction rating. We make sure to collaborate with our clients and help them achieve their professional goals.

What You’ll Get: Aside from our engineering resume writing services, we also have LinkedIn makeover, job posting, and other job search tools to help you land your target engineering post. Plus, you can leverage our free resume review.

What They Lack: Our firm isn’t operational during weekends and holidays. That being said, if you’re in a hurry, it’s best to reach our team earlier in the week. Don’t worry; we ensure that our services are of high quality.

Turnaround Time: You can expect the first draft of your resume in one (1) to four (4) days, depending on the services you purchased. four (4) business days for the Basic; three (3) business days for the Deluxe; two (2) business days for the Premium; and one (1) business day for the Ultimate.

Cost:  They have four (4) packages: $125 for the Basic, $195 for the Deluxe, $305 for the Premium, and $485 for the Ultimate.

Contact: 1 (877) 285-5492

Reviews: 4.4/5 on Facebook; 4.6/5 on Trustpilot; 9 reviews on Sitejabber; 4.3 on Google Business Profile; 4.8/5 on Best 10 Resume Writers

2. Resume Valley 

Resume Valley Listed As One Of The Best Engineering Resume Writing Services

Resume Valley is home to expert resume writers who are also knowledgeable in different industries, including engineering. They make sure that their clients are well taken care of by assigning them to dedicated writers. Because of this, it’s easy to collaborate with your writer. If you want to know about their service offerings, you can reach them for a free consultation.

What You’ll Get: This firm is one of the resume companies that offers affordable engineering resume writing services. They also have LinkedIn profile makeover services.

What They Lack: They offer limited services, and their turnaround time is longer compared to their competitors.

Turnaround Time: You can expect the first draft of your resume in five (5) business days.

Cost: Their resume and CV writing services cost $99 each. They also have LinkedIn profile writing services for $69.

Contact: 1 (877) 780-7377

Reviews: 3.6/5 on Trustpilot; 4.4/5 on Best10ResumeWriters

3. Shimmering Careers

Shimmering Careers Listed As One Of The Best Engineering Resume Writing Services

Shimmering Careers was founded in 2005 by Paul Freiberger, a career expert and a notable writer. His vision to help job seekers land their target posts became the reason behind the firm’s various services. These include job search document writing, LinkedIn profile creation, salary negotiation, and outplacement services.

What You’ll Get: Shimmering Careers offers resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile writing; comprehensive career strategies; and coaching services for entry-level, professional, and executive levels. The firm also has a 60-day interview guarantee. In the event that you didn’t get an invite, you get a revamped resume for free.

What They Lack: All resume writing projects are handled by Freiberger. Hence, the waiting period is way longer than other firms.

Turnaround Time: Once you’ve placed the order and completed the consultation, you can have your initial draft in two (2) weeks.

Cost: It has three (3) different packages for entry-level, professional, and executive. For entry-level, it costs $499 for the Essentials, $599 for the Premium, and $1599 for the Elite.

This engineering resume writing services also has a package for professionals or mid-level job applicants—$599 for the Essentials, $699 for the Premium, and $1699 for the Elite. 

In addition, it has resume writing services for Executive levels—$649 for the Essentials, $849 for the Premium, and $2549 for the Elite.

Contact: 1 (877) 796-9737

Reviews: 4.5/5 on Yelp; 4.5 on Facebook


Davron Llc Listed As One Of The Best Engineering Resume Writing Services

DAVRON, LLC is known for providing resume writing services for professionals in the engineering, architecture, and construction industries. They have a team of experts in resume writing and in different fields. With this, they assure their clients that they can put together their skills in an effective resume tailored to engineering staffing.

What You’ll Get: This firm doesn’t just provide job search documents; it’s also a good platform for employers to post job opportunities. Additionally, they have training programs, free resume builder, and outplacement services. 

What They Lack: Their service offerings are more expensive than the other engineering resume writing services in this list.

Turnaround Time: The delivery time isn’t specified on their website.

Cost: They have three (3) packages: $995 for the Foundation, $1195 for the Professional, and $1995 for the Marketing.

Contact: 1 (888) 932-8766

Reviews: 5/5 on Google

5. Cheap Resume Services

Cheap Resume Services Listed As One Of The Best Engineering Resume Writing Services

Cheap Resume Services is home to 200 certified resume writers who are experts in different industries. Thus, you can trust that they’re capable of writing you a resume that helps you stand out among qualified job candidates. They take pride in their 10 years in business, making them one of the experts in engineering resume writing.

What You’ll Get: They offer resume and CV writing, LinkedIn profile building, custom letter, infographic resume, and interview coaching services. Plus, you can access their free resume builder.

What They Lack: If you’re not satisfied with their work, you’re only allowed to request for revisions in two (2) weeks. Also, they don’t have a hotline.

Turnaround Time: You can avail of their rush services and receive your resume in one (1) to two (2) business days or in three (3) to five (5) business days if you’re not in a hurry.

Cost: The cost varies depending on the service, inclusions, and time frame you’ll purchase. Generally, their resume writing services range from $87 to $125. You can also avail of their add-on services.

Contact: You can contact them through their chatbot.

Reviews: 3.7/5 Trustpilot

RPW Engineering Resume Example

Take a closer look at one of our resume samples and how our engineering resume writers outlined a good balance of all the necessary info.

Resume Professional Writers Mechanical Engineering Resume Example Page One
Resume Professional Writers Mechanical Engineering Resume Example Page Two

You can also check our curated page dedicated to resume examples for different industries.

Build a Better Engineering Resume with the Best Professional Resume Writers

Secure your career as an engineer with a job-winning resume. Fortunately, you don’t have to shoulder the daunting task of resume writing because you could just simply hire an expert. Not only do you have the assurance that your qualifications are effectively highlighted in your tool; some resume companies also offer other job search solutions that could help you ace your hunt.

Guess what? You don’t have to look any further because we at Resume Professional Writers have the best team for you! Wait no more! Partner with us, and together, let’s build your future with a strong and striking engineering resume.

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