Workplace Safety Reminders on Getting Back to Work After the Lockdown

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The COVID-19 pandemic has left a massive impact on our healthcare, trade, and financial sectors as it brought the global economy to its knees. As we experience this fortuitous event, it’s normal for us to feel this crippling uncertainty about our life, family, and most especially our career. This pandemic has forced us to break away from our daily routines, waking up one day to the reality that we can’t go back to work until this outbreak subsides. For sure, most of us miss hanging out with our office friends during noontime coffee breaks or after office hours. Although we want to restore our usual activities, we’re well aware that we need to follow the safety measures to slow down the spread of the virus and flatten the curve. As governments, businesses, and offices begin reopening their doors despite the ongoing outbreak, this challenge may not end soon. Hence, it’s best to prepare for the coming days ahead through these workplace safety tips.

Workplace Preparedness Tips You Must Know

After several months of staying indoors, various business outlets have reopened their operations. With this announcement, essential services were allowed to work under strict guidelines. Despite this, the public was advised to remain cautious. Take note of these simple workplace health and safety tips that you can adopt as part of your new workplace habits.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Since we’re fighting an enemy we can’t see, it’s best to keep our defenses up at all times. Always wear your facemask to cover your mouth and nose. This will help protect you from catching the virus that can spread through air. Also, wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds, or the length of singing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice.

Practice Social Distancing

We know how much you miss your team but always maintain proper physical distance. Ensure that you’re at least six feet apart even when working. Stay away from crowded areas and respect other’s space. Save the group hugs for now and let’s help slow down the spread of the virus.

Clean Your Desk

Finally! You’re now reunited with your office desk after several months. Since you’ve been out for a quite some time, we’re sure that your area is full of dust and dirt. Clean and sanitize your desk regularly with the use of disinfectants. Also, be sure to bring all your things to avoid sharing office tools.

Shift to Digital

Despite the reopening of businesses, mass gatherings are still prohibited. Hence, health experts still discourage face-to-face office meetings. Go digital and try virtual meetings instead! There are many free web and mobile apps that you can use to connect and brainstorm with your teammates.

Sanitize Your Belongings

Be sure to clean your things once you get home. Wash your clothes and disinfect your wallet, bag, and phone. Take a shower before facing your family to protect them from possible dangers of outside dirt.

In summary, here’s an infographic of Workplace Preparedness Tips You Must Know.

Workplace Preparedness Tips From The Resume Professional Writers

Download the Workplace Preparedness infographic here.

Life After Lockdown

Aside from the US, other countries are also struggling to adapt with this ‘new normal’. Like it or not, this coronavirus outbreak has affected our plans, including our careers. While scientists are still developing vaccines for this malady, it’s our job as citizens to follow the imposed health guidelines to stop it from further spreading. Thus, even though several firms have returned to business again, we must not let our guard down and practice these workplace safety tips. Also, we can use this lull time to improve our skills and revamp our resumes. Build your LinkedIn account and connect with other professionals to gain more networks. Always check our resume writing blogs and workplace tips to help you prepare for your next career journey.

Source: NYTimes

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