Work Character: What Is Your Work Personality? [Infographic]

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It’s vital to know the kind of work character you have to figure out whether or not you’re employed in the right industry. Do you find yourself excited to go to work and take on new projects or do you tend to drag your feet to “suffer” through another day? Learn about your personality type and evaluate the adjustments you need to prepare yourself for growth, career-wise and personally.

Know What Your Work Character Is

Know What Your Work Character Is_Infographic

The Explorer

You wake up every day craving another work-related challenge; you’re restless, active, and excited of the unknown.

The Parent-Like

Your colleagues see you as a mother or father figure who ensures their well-being with concern, selflessness, and care.

The Optimist

You have 3 principles in your work: live by the company culture, work with people happily, and take initiative to solve problems.

The Kill Joy

You never fail to find a reason to say “no”. If you think you possess this personality, then you’re probably not happy with your profession the way you’re supposed to.

The Martyr

You’re the first to arrive and the last to leave the office. You believe the superiors will repay your hard work and sacrifice.

The Full-of-Self

You might not admit this but if your workmates describe you as arrogant and boastful, you surely have gone far beyond than being an optimist.

The Fault Finder

You usually complain or point out mistakes in your company to selected colleagues. It’s as if you want to leave but don’t have the courage to do so.

The Friendly

You love making friends in the workplace; the connection you establish with them inspires you to get tasks done.

The Humorist

Your sense of humor makes you the life of the party. But there are times you find it hard to take things seriously.

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Source:, Reader’s Digest

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