8 Weird Company Rules You Didn’t Know Exist

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Employers implement rules across the workplace to ensure a safe, comfortable, and organized working environment for their employees. Yet sometimes, workers question those weird company rules for being too strict or for having no purpose. These weird companies even cross the line sometimes. Check out these company rules we think stepped over from relevant into crazy land.

List of Some of the Weird Company Rules

1. Only mustaches allowed.

A Woman Laying Down On The Grass And Is Angry Because Of The Weird Company Rules

A certain firm gave its male workers two options: have a full-grown mustache or have no facial hair at all. If in between facial hair phases, they must leave work until they can return with a full mustache.

2. No beards or stubble.

Beards And Stubble Are Not Allowed As Part Of The Weird Company Rules

Unlike the first story, the government of Isesaki in central Japan has banned its male workers from growing beards. City officials said public servants must look modest and clean. Also, there were complaints from citizens who found stubble and beards unpleasant.

3. Leave everything at the door.

Beards And Stubble Are Not Allowed As Part Of The Weird Company Rules

In Amazon, warehouse workers cannot bring any personal items onto the floor that the online retail firm actually sells. This weird company rule means they cannot chew gum or wear lipstick. When it comes to drinks, they can only drink water (no tea, soda, or lemonade) in a clear bottle so the loss prevention cops can look into the container. And, of course, they leave their smartphones in their car and take off their watches before they start their shifts. Clothing? Well, they still allow it ─ for now!

4. No coffee and tea.

A Company Not Allowing Coffee And Tea

The English love drinking tea. So, you can imagine how upset workers at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester Royal Infirmary, and Leicester General Hospital of this weird company rule when National Health Service banned coffee and tea drinking at reception areas. Why such a harsh rule you ask? In an email to staff, a hospital boss said long wait times frustrate patients. And seeing employees enjoying a cup of tea at reception desks “angers” them.

5. Never evaluate the models based on attractiveness.

 A Headshot Picture Of A Model

Another weird rule: A booking agent whose job was to evaluate females and males on their potential to model noted that the employee manual openly barred assessing the models based on attractiveness.

6. No water bottles.

A Weird Company Rule Which Doesn’t Allow Workers To Have Water Bottles During Work

Like the NHS story, a store doesn’t allow its workers to have water bottles on shifts, regardless of the part of the store they’re working in. They can only drink water from small cups and drink the whole cup immediately then dispose of the cup. During breaks (unpaid time), this weird company rule says they cannot buy a bottle of water ─ even if they can drink all of it and dispose of the bottle before they come back on shift!

7. No casual religious preferences.

A Headshot Picture Of A Woman Covering Her Nose With A Tissue

When someone at work sneezed, her coworker said, “Bless you!” A third party heard it and complained to Human Resources about it. HR warned the guy who said, “Bless you” and required him to take a course in professionalism.

8. No relationships allowed.

A Weird Company Rule That Doesn’t Allow Romantic Relationships

One employee said they weren’t allowed to date coworkers ─ even though they were in a small town and it was a big firm. Have you experienced office romance? Think about what you should consider before engaging in one.

Aside from weird company rules you know, have you experienced any, as well? If you want to overcome these problems, speak up. And if these weird rules are taking a toll on you more than necessary, pack your bags and look for a better company. But before that, you have to update your resume first to have a better chance of getting hired. Need help? Our resume writing experts can do it for you. Contact us now!

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