Veteran Resume Examples: The Set Up of a First-Rate Profile

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If you are a veteran looking for a new job, then you should take these tips on how to make a first-rate resume. In doing so, you can succeed in your job search. But how can you vie with other experts in the industry? What strategies can you use to impress employers?

Most career expert would say that you review some veteran resume examples to find out what makes a great copy. Here are the things that great resume samples for transitioning veteran have:

Things that Resume Examples Embrace

1. Potent “Veteran” skills.

Although the army setting differs from the civilian, there are skills you developed in that field that you can include in your resume. If you think you can use them to fulfill the duties required in the job post, then you should write them. Does the job post look for leadership experience? Then, include your leadership skills. Also, cite an experience wherein you use this while working for the armed forces.

2. Notable Awards and recognitions.

Your awards imply that you area a person committed to work. If you have some recognitions during your service, include them. Listing them in your resume will boost the appeal of your job profile. This shows that you can be a best worker for employers.

3. Related programs.

If you have joined programs related to what job you are applying for, then specify them. These could be computer workshops, leadership talks, etc. Employers look into your trainings to know if you have enough practice to handle the job.

Best Jobs to Aim

If you are a returning veteran, some of the best jobs for you are:

  • Software developer – If you have held information technology in the Armed forces, then you can apply for this post. With proper training, you can shift to software development.
  • Training and development manager – Do you have a good problem-solving techniques and crisis management skills? You will find companies that are willing to hire you. They need you to train new employees and trainees.
  • Industrial manager – Most US construction companies are willing to hire returning veterans. They even recruit from the US Army Corps of Engineers. If you choose to work in the construction field, you might be able to find the right place for you. With your discipline and best knowledge, you are a perfect fit for the construction program manager post.

To boost your chance for a job, you will find it useful to review veteran resume examples. Look for good qualities that you can apply in making your own. But if you want the task to be fast and perfect, then seek resume writing services.


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