Travel Nurses Resume Examples: Job-Winning Qualities

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Travel nurses play a special role in the health care field. They are registered nurses who have the same education and training just like other nurses. The only difference is they go to places where they can attend to a short-term need and provide care.

The changing fiscal state has made travel nurses very in demand. Since most hospitals cut costs, they see them as ideal replacements to fill nursing vacancies. With high turnover and challenging roles, employers want to make sure that applicants have the skills to qualify for the post.

If you want to be in this field, show that you are equipped to defy trials.

Nurses Resume Examples: Details to Flaunt

Here are examples of nurses’ qualities that your resume must contain:

  • You are flexible. To succeed in your pursuit, show that you can perform a work that requires traveling. If you have your own family, you must accept that you will seldom stay in your home. Set your mind that you will have to travel only to fulfill your duties. Thus, it is important to show that you can adapt to various work settings.
  • You have enough expertise. Some employers need travel nurse who has different specialties. You have to write on your copy a wide range of work you have held. This shows that you can work on various assignments. You must include skills and experience in dialysis, psychiatric, pediatric, and other areas of health care.
  • You can work in diverse routines. Even if you are assigned to work at evening, overnight, and weekend shift, show that you can still work effectively. Cite that you can also go offsite to help other clinics and mobile units when needed.
  • You can balance your personal life and career. Since you have to work far from home, you may find this as a struggle. It is important to show employers that you know how to balance your time and effort for your family and work.
  • You are ready at all times.  Show that you are prepared and available whenever they contact you. It is an advantage if you know how to drive and have your own car. You give employers a thought that you can go anytime whenever they need your service.
  • You have the crucial trainings and education. Most employers favor applicants who are RNs. They might also look for your first aid and other trainings and credentials. Some nurses resume examples display the number of hours completed. Your resume, therefore, should include not just academic background and certifications, but also the licensing standards you met.

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