List of the Top Job Search Tools to Help Your Job Hunt

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If you’re looking for work and you don’t know how the modern job search goes, you’re missing much in jump-starting your career. With the fast-paced hiring industry, technology and job search tools joined to aid job seekers like you to land better job prospects. In fact, employment technology has been developed to bring job opportunities closer to your reach, letting you maximize your time and use modern job search tools as aid.

Even if it’s not your first time eyeing a job, it isn’t easy. Job seekers who struggle to find opportunities must know how today’s job search takes place. Hence, this article provides a helpful modern job search tools list as you look for work. Better download these job search apps for a fast and easy quest.

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Job Search Tools: Is It an Important Part of Modern Job Search?

Imagine yourself aiming for a perfect urban job. Do you scan the city street by street and by job post? Now, you can set that aside and just use job search tools in the comfort of your home. They make your search easier and keep from draining you, unlike when you find a job the old-fashioned way. Job search tools, such as mobile apps and web services, give you better access to trade offers. Moreover, most job ads offer easy access for mobile users to apply. They promote simple job-hunting for beginners and career shifters.

Job Search Tools List: 7 Apps and Sites for Effective Job Hunt

Job Search Tools In Phone And Web

1. LinkedIn

This app is rather one of the most popular job search tools you can use to find work prospects. In line with its social media platform that caters your professional profile, LinkedIn job search allows you to find vacant positions. Further, you can sort job openings by posting date, salary, industry, and criteria to narrow your search.

2. Glassdoor

Each day, Glassdoor updates its thread of new jobs. It allows you to search for spots based on the job title and the expected salary. Thus, it’s one of the must-try job search tools in the market. You can also view workers’ feedback to help you decide aiming for the job position. In fact, this tool gives you a load of job opportunities.

3. PayScale

For job seekers who look for job prospects by salary, PayScale is a great app. It helps you determine how much salary you deserve and gives you valuable details. Likewise, it gives information on expected wage based on your location and position.

4. Indeed

Indeed is like a search engine. Besides, it sums up posts from job boards, sites, and available firm listings. To narrow your search, you can filter your keywords, salary expectation, and location.

5. JobHero

JobHero allows you to tailor your job application. It creates you a dashboard complete with services you need in finding the perfect job. In the same way, JobHero lets you file your documents and portfolio, ready for employers to see your work. Further, this app keeps your job search journey organize and gives deadlines and status update of your application.

6. Good.Co

This web app tailors the job post based on your interests and personality. It runs personality quizzes and determines your strengths to fit you to a perfect job. Hence, Good.Co helps you learn the companies that fit your character and working vibe.

7. Wirkn

If you’re looking for hospitality, retail, customer service, and restaurant jobs, Wirkn can help you. Wirkn isn’t just a job-search platform. It also patterns the job post based on your criteria and personality. Further, it has a simple interface that lets users discover jobs quick. In particular, Wirkn is a user-friendly tool for creating a video resume, a current trend.

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These apps aim to maximize your job hunting. Modern job search tools work with companies in collating job opportunities and helping you find them. At the same time, with the right plan and tactics, you can benefit from these modern job search tools. Therefore, what you need is a smart device, and you’re set to land your dream job.

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