Recruiters are after each applicant’s skills. They’re hunting for job seekers whose potentials can help shape a good future and a healthy career. In job hiring and interviews, they find the most preferred and top desirable skills that will grab their attention and meet their firm’s needs.

Thus, Resume Professional Writers lists here the “employable” skills most managers look for in a job candidate.

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7 Top Desirable Skills Employers Want to See in Your Resume


This skill is your knack to listen, write, and speak well. Firms search for hopefuls who can communicate well in times sending messages, following instructions, and implementing orders are vital. Brilliant listeners, likewise, can send the information either verbal or written.


This talent is your ability to gauge a situation in a logical way. You review it by gathering data, pointing relevant issues to tackle, and searching for various viewpoints. In fact, this skill asks for a highly critical thinking that names, checks, improves, and restructures complex procedures.

Technical Literacy

This skill involves a basic knowledge of computers and programs such as word processing, excel, and e-mail. A tech-savvy person can prove how proficient he/she is in a variety of software if he/she can use diverse apps.

Flexibility and Adaptability

This means handling many priorities altogether to adapt to situations and work assignments and to adjust schedules based on their urgency and importance. In the same way, a flexible person thrives in any environment amid problems and changes.

Relationship Building

This gift points to the relationship you build with other workers. In addition, it’s your ability to join and work with others. You can also form stable relationships that avoid conflicts with colleagues.

Leadership and Management

This ability means you can take control and manage subordinates and team members. Further, a leader is a goal-driven person who keeps a productive environment with a high performance benchmark through motivation, mobilization, and instruction.

Planning and Organizing

This talent shows you can set goals and meet a target or a mission. You can also design, plan, organize, and carry out projects and tasks in a given period.

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With this list of top desirable skills, it’s important that you point out your unique potentials and experience. In the same way, such employable skills are integral features of a competent and valuable employee. As such, job seekers like you should think of ways to show your positive skills in your resume.

Resume Professional Writers can help stress these vital skills in your job-hunting tool. In fact, we have skilled and superb writers that can create a thorough and appealing career summary for you. For more details, you may call 1-800-845-0586 or visit our website.

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