Nurse Resumes for Addictions Specialist

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Addictions nurses give care to patients with record of substance abuse. They work in drug treatment centers to aid patients recovering from drug abuse. While the healthcare field opens big breaks for nurses, you should expect a stiff competition. And to start your application, you may have searched for online samples of substance abuse nurse resume. But this one is not enough! Everyone, of course, will prepare a resume. To make you stand out, you have to prepare a winning piece. Likewise, if you want to do this right, heed these tips to know what to write in your career profile, and get this job.

Important Factors of a Substance Abuse Nurse Resume


To qualify for this job, you must be a registered nurse that passed the Addiction Nursing Certification Board or ANCB. You can add up that you are a Certified Addictions Registered Nurse or CARN and a Certified Addictions Registered Nurse–Advanced Practice  or CARN-AP. If you have CARN, it means that you have at least earned 2,000 hours treating patients with addiction. If you have CARN-AP, you have at least 500 hours of direct patient practice in the clinical treatment of addiction. Writing these things on your resume is a proof that you have taken part in practical training. This will actually give employers a thought that you are an expert in this field.


Under the “Exam/Certification” heading, write the exams you take and tell if you are a passer. You may or may not take ACNB. But if you have this in your profile, it is a good point. It tells hirers that you have the knowledge, commitment, and ample training in handling patients. Even taking and passing CARN and CARN-AP will impress the hiring team.

Addictions Nurse Job Seekers Will Need To Have Substance Abuse Nurse Resume To Fulfill Their Duties.


You have to show an active role in giving care for patients with ongoing use of psychoactive stuffs. You have to put your past duties as an addictions nurse, under the Work Experience section. Name the treatment center you served and list down your duties. These could be doing assessment, outreach, prescribing, and harm reduction.

In most substance abuse nurse resume, you will find out that task does not just deal with the physical aspects. It mostly shows mental support to help patients recover from drugs and alcohol habits. As such, you can add the following to impress the employers:

  • Give mental care and counsel to patients.
  • Teach patients and their families on the risks of substance abuse.
  • Handle group therapy sessions.
  • Team up with social workers, doctors, and social groups with regard to patient care.

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