6 Awesome Signs of a Stress-Free Workplace [Infographic]

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Do you want to work in a stress-free workplace? Check out the signs of a happy work setting through this infographic from Resume Professional Writers.

Rpw Stress Free Workplace Infographics
6 Awesome Signs of a Stress-Free Workplace [Infographic] 1

6 Signs of a Stress-Free Workplace

1. Positive Ambience

A happy workplace exudes positive energy. Instead of showing off their grumpy faces, staff in these companies chat and laugh while they work.

2. Clear Communication

In a stress-free workplace, communication is free-flowing. Everybody is open and willing to share important details. Above all, they know what goes on the work front.

3. Low Staff Turnover

Employees who love their workplace will never think of leaving it. They are happy with their working time and the company’s management system.

4. Opportunities to Grow

Besides offering opportunities to advance and grow, employers in a happy workplace support and push their worker’s creative capacity. Managers in such firms instill leadership skills in their staffs by delegating vital tasks, leveraging their talents, and seeking their inputs.

5. Supportive Colleagues

Employees in a stress-free workplace are happy when new people join their team. When somebody applies for a promotion, both the team leaders and the group support the decision.

6. No Gossiping

Employers and employees working in a happy workplace hate gossiping. They prefer openly discussing their views with their peers to talking behind their colleagues’ back.

Stress-Free Workplace Statistics You Should Know

– A stress-free workplace makes employers take 10 times fewer sick days than unhappy, stressed bosses.
– Stress-free workers are 12 percent more productive.
– The brain works much better when workers are positive.
– Salespeople in a stress-free workplace produce 37 percent greater sales.
– Stress-free firms with happy workers outdo the competition by 20 percent.

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