Teacher Resume: 5 Things You Need to Achieve the A+ on Your Report Card

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Do you hear the school bell ringing? This time though, you’re at the other end of the spectrum. You’re now the teacher! But before you can stand in front of the class and enlighten the minds of students, you need first to hand in your resume—your final report card! Submit yourself to the school admin to check whether you’re qualified to be on their faculty. If you need to revamp your teacher resume, fret not! Pass these five subjects and apply these educator resume remarks to make your report card stand out.

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What Should a Teacher Resume Include?

To create a resume for teachers, you should excel with how you present yourself in the following aspects.

1. Name and Contact Details

Compare the header of your teacher’s resume with the way you introduce yourself to the class on the first day of school. Put your name on top so hirers could see it right away. Cite your address next. Then, your phone number, email, and LinkedIn account so hirers can contact you.

2. Education

Since you’ll work in the education industry, your teacher resume should include where you studied. List your college degrees in reverse chronological order, followed by the school you attended. Don’t forget to write also your major(s), minor(s), or concentration(s). If your GPA is over a 3.0/4.0, include it in your resume. If you haven’t graduated yet, cite the expected date of completion. Imagine this section as the history subject that let hirers discover where and when your passion started and what the influences were. Likewise, this info gives them an idea of your knowledge and how you could contribute to their institution.

Bear in mind, though. Your high school details tend not to be included unless you plan to apply to the school you graduated. Also, be sure to include your scholarship(s).

3. Certificates

A staple in any teacher resume sample is your certification roster. Like your education, list your certificates with the latest on top. If you haven’t finished the program yet, list the dates you expect to complete them. Consider your certifications as science. It enriches your learning and shows you update yourself on the curricular, instructional, and philosophical trends in your field. You impress hirers and you avoid a reject

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4. Experience

In your search for the best teacher resume template, did you notice how the experiences are sorted? Grouping your background is important to make your resume look organized. Likewise, it’ll help you highlight the experiences that matter most to your search. Just think of them as algebra and geometry, they seem different, yet they’re both math. Here’s how you classify your work experience.

a. Teaching/Teaching-Related Experience

Highlight work experiences that are within a classroom setting or even those outside a classroom that portrays teaching. Don’t discount no matter how short the stint was. Here, you can include your experience as a teacher, teaching assistant, or instructional specialist. Include also your company name, its location, and the dates.

b. Interactive Field Experience

This section provides a snapshot of what you learned, and how you contributed to the classes you’ve observed. These are roles that involved facilitation of physical or interactive activities with students. Let’s say your internship or camp counselor position.

c. Volunteer Experience

Your teacher resume would receive a “wow” if you show your support for your community’s efforts through your teaching skill. When was the last time you held storytelling with the kids at church or community outreach? Have you joined the information drive sponsored by your company? These volunteer experiences pop the cork and celebrate your passion for teaching, even outside work.

d. Professional Experience

Include non-teaching experiences in your educator resume. Have you trained or collaborated to develop programs lately? Have you spoken to a large audience before? Highlight your transferrable skills to classroom management.

5. Overall Appearance

A teacher’s resume should be aesthetically pleasing, filled with relevant content, and properly edited to achieve the highest grade possible. How did your performance on each subject go? If you have graded yourself an A, then you just might qualify. Do you want to be sorted higher? Apply these tips to improve your score.

A. Content

In writing your content, don’t just list your tasks. You must detail your accomplishments.

a. Translate your duties to action-oriented statements. Begin with a strong verb, followed by the skill you used, and the impact to the job.

b. Flesh out your job descriptions with the answers to these questions:
-What did you do in this position?
-Why was the task important?
-What was the impact on the organization?
-How did you perform your duties?
-What skills did you develop?

c. Prefer to use bullet points. Follow these writing tips in forming your statements:
Situation – Set the stage, detail the scope of work
Obstacle – What problem did you help overcome?
Action – What actions did you take?
Result – What solutions or outcomes did you find?

B. Layout

A teacher resume template follows the one-inch margin on all sides. However, before submitting your resume, you must check if the hirers have specific instructions, especially in terms of resume layout. Adhering to guidelines may seem a little thing, but it contributes to your credibility. Choose fonts that are clear and easy to read; Arial or other sans serif fonts. Make sure also to have a consistent outline. If you used bold letters for your first heading, all your headings should be in bold, too.

C. Proofread

Once you have finished drafting your educator resume, do not forget to proofread your work. Your stellar content and impressive resume format may make hirers read your resume, but in editing, you convince them your content is accurate and your aesthetics are clear.

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Final Score

If you’ve done these step by step, congratulations! You now have a stellar report card. Make sure to update this from time to time, so you keep a good standing not only for your records, but to impress the school management also.

If you think you still need help in reaching that elusive A+ resume, don’t hesitate to contact your mentor in writing your teacher resume report card.

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