Sports Resume: Making a Difference in a World of Social Injustice

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Are you an avid sports fan? Who is your all-time favorite athlete or sports team? For sure, you dream of becoming a famous athlete. And you must possess the skills and the passion for the sports in order to succeed. But, did you know that for you to launch your sports career, you must first build an impressive sports resume?

Sports Resume: Your Voice of Reason

Sports have always been an avenue of camaraderie, triumphs and losses, hometown heroes, and school pride. From a young age, countless girls and boys dream of becoming the next famous athletes. Today, however, sports celebrities have used their career not only to inspire the next generation of athletes and promote sports, but also to voice out their stand on social injustices.

On Dribbling and Bending the Knee

Among those who are up-front on their stance on social injustices is NBA player, Lebron James. Making rounds in sports circles is the incident with Laura Ingraham, a Fox News reporter who said to James, “Shut up and dribble.” When Ingraham said it’s unwise to seek political advice from just someone who’s paid to bounce a ball, James replied, “I will not shut up and dribble. I owe it to my peers, to my fans and to the youth.” James has since then created efforts to make more people become aware of the realities occurring today. Among them is creating a documentary entitled, Shut Up and Dribble.

Sports Resume Is Given By 5 Football Players Kneeling On The Field

Prior to James’ outcry, his colleagues in WNBA voiced out their stand on social issues as well. Last 2016, WNBA teams wore black shirts during warm up exercises in support of #BlackLivesMatter after citizens of color experienced police brutality that led to death. Athletes in the NFA expressed their support, too. Colin Kaepernick, of San Francisco 49ers, sat during the national anthem last August 2016. And he began kneeling to protest police brutality before a game against the Green Bay Packers on September 1, 2016.

These star athletes just show that their careers are more than for entertainment. They use their fame to become the voice of reason, creating awareness on social injustices, especially to people of color. This would not be possible if they have not created their sports resume.

Sports Resume Could Be Your Ticket Ot Be The Next Basketball Star

Athletic Resume: Your Ticket to Prominence

Now that you have found more reasons to kick-start your sports career, are you ready to create your own sports resume? You don’t have to sweat much. Just follow these steps.

Inclusions of a Professional Athlete Resume

All resumes have basics, just like sports. Include these sections in your sports resume.

1. Contact Information
You mustn’t forget your contact information; it is the first thing recruiters look for in your sports resume. How would you know you passed the tryouts? Put it on top of your resume. Include your contact numbers and your email address. Score more points when you have your own LinkedIn profile.

2. Qualifications Profile
When team owners read a resume, they pay attention to what you want to achieve in this career. You must start with your goal in mind. Provide factual info that tells your philosophy. This is the advice of Hank Zaborniak, the assistant commissioner of the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

3. Experiences and Achievements
Display your flair for the job. As the sports industry hires based on skills, group them by intercollegiate, professional athletic, and coaching experience. List them in reverse sequential order. Don’t just put the activities done per stint. Instead, include career highlights you have achieved under each position.

4. Education
Mention both your high school and college education, notably if you have related sports experience. Highlight in your sports resume if you won the championship in high school.

5. Training
Include your training experiences, regardless of the year. This could add points to you, especially if you have yet to have an extensive athletic career.

6. References
In choosing your references, try putting contacts that hirers know. If not, put those whom you have worked with before. These could be your former coaches or mentors. However, be sure to let them know prior to including them in your resume.

Sports Resume Can Include A Photo Of You Playing Lacrosse

Format of Your Athlete Resume

Tailor your sports resume with these factors in mind.

1. Length
It is encouraged to have a one-page resume only.

2. Layout
Apply standard resume margins. You must use fonts that are easy to read and font size should be at least point 10.

3. Look
You may use photos in your sports resume. However, you should put photos showing you in action, such as while playing the sport. You could also include photos wearing sports attire, such as jerseys for basketball players. Make sure your photo is in high resolution.

Last Two Points for Your Athletic Resume

Every point matters to any game, as it makes or breaks who the winner will be. Similar to outcomes of the games, here are two tips you could greatly benefit on your search for that sports job that would launch your career.

1. Proofread
Excellence and passion in your work involves even the minute details. What’s your best way show you have both without entering the playing field? You must proofread your resume. Sometimes the difference between a pass and a fail is when you took the time to polish your work.

2. Professional Help
Do you want to make sure your sports resume will pass hirers; may it be man or machine? Just seek support from experts. If you watch the moves of your sports heroes, you must also take notes when resume professional writers improve your resume.

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