How to Use Social Media Job Search Tactics to Your Advantage

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Social media continues to play a vital role in job search and recruitment. In fact, it serves as a great platform where people can connect and network easily. To boost your hiring chances, read on and discover some effective strategies on how you can use social media job search tactics to the fullest.
How To Use Social Media In Job Search

The Importance of Social Media in Job Search

Most firms now consider social networking as a vital part of their recruitment process. JobVite confirmed that employers turn to social media for hiring. They take time reading social media profiles, so you must prioritize brushing up your social media account if you wish to impress recruiters and get a job.
Social Media Job Search

How to Use Social Media in Job Search

After updating your résumé, improve your profiles on social networking sites. Inform your friends that you are looking for a job—they can help you find one. Widen your connections by adding other people and employers to your networks.

As with your target employers, make sure you study their nature and requirements. It will help you grasp their culture and environment.

Best Sites to Start Your Social Media Job Search

Logos Of Social Media Sites

So how can social media get you a job? Start your social media job hunt with these top social networking sites.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn, with 433 million users (1Q 2016), is the top site for job-hunters. Maximize your chances by optimizing your profile, fabricating your network, joining groups, and using endorsements. Observe the three degrees of connection who might usher you to a hiring manager.

2. Facebook

When searching jobs through Facebook, utilize the marketplace, where they post job openings in your network, and then send a direct message to the recruiters. You may also join groups or network with people who share common interests and career goals.

3. Instagram

You may use Instagram to build your personal brand, promote your social media skills, and display your overall digital brilliance. It’s also a smart way to glean info and insights about your target firm.

4. Twitter

Twitter gives you freedom to talk directly to the employer without handing a resume first. However, you still need to provide them a link to your blog or your LinkedIn profile to establish your credibility further.

5. Jobster

Though not too popular, Jobster is an important platform to include in your social media job hunt. Here, you can upload your resume or embed one with video, highlight links to your site, and tag your skills. You can also see who posted the job and add them to your network.

Protecting Your Personality

Protecting Your Personality
Social media strengthen your job selection, but it can also harm your chances. Your target employer can use it to find offensive or inapt info that can spoil your likelihood of getting hired.

Highlight your feats and your daily routines on your social media profiles. Be cautious of your posts. Take privacy on anything that your audience would regard as violent.

With the massive change in today’s technology, social media job search has become a convenient way to find jobs and build your career. This, along with your convincing résumé, is what you must own to increase work visibility and stand out among others.

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