Resume for Different Jobs

Whether you are a new graduate or a tenured person looking for work, you must always present yourself as the best person for a particular job. Here at Resume Professional Writers, we offer you only the best resume by jobs, regardless of the industry you are in. Below are just some of the resumes we made that are specific for certain jobs and careers.


Professional resume custom fit for top accounting jobs.

Business Development

Carefully written resume to fit any business development post.


Impressive marketing piece specific for engineering careers.


Application copy to shortlist you for finance-related jobs.


Quality resumes perfect for healthcare vacancies.

Human Resource

Strong resume for tough human resource careers.

Information Technology

Edgy application for the currently in-demand IT jobs.

Office Administration

Winning self-marketing piece for office administration posts.


Self-selling resume to win you any sales jobs.



Thoughtfully written resume to bring you to a technology career.