Dos and Don’ts in Preparing a Killer Sales Resume

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You might have already read a bunch of rules from several experts on how to write a resume. But I’m sure that one piece of advice is common among them — customize your resume. In plain language, tailor your resume to your target position and industry. If you’re interested in a sales job, then what you need is a sales resume.

Imagine yourself in a mall shopping for your OOTD? Will you buy something that doesn’t fit your taste and style? I’m sure you won’t. This illustrates how recruiters choose the right applicants. They don’t compromise. They’re meticulous in sifting piles of resumes and assessing applicants’ experience, credentials, and achievements. So, if you’re seeking a sales and marketing position, read these helpful sales resume writing tips.

Here’s what you need to know to keep hiring managers glued to your sales resume and invite you for an interview.

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Highlight Your Best Stuff

  • In particular, hiring managers have limited time to screen all applicants. And since your resume serves as your marketing tool, it must stand out to keep recruiters engaged. But how? It’s easy. Include a summary on top of your resume that quantifies your value as a professional but do not oversell yourself.

List Your Professional Experiences

  • Write your important daily tasks to highlight your related industry skills. This way is effective in inviting recruiters to read your resume further. However, if you have any experience that has nothing to do with your current search, list the company name, its location, and your position only.

Quantify the Results You Delivered

  • Numbers are easier to scan than words, so use percentages, graphs, numbers, or ratios to highlight the results of your initiatives.

 Stress Your Accomplishments

  • Recruiters want to know how you can contribute to the company’s success. Thus, stress your key achievements and awards in a separate list. This helps recruiters to assess your skills to sell a product and increase sales and profit easily.

Include Your Training and Certifications

  • List the sales training and skill development programs you’ve joined. In the same way, this proves your dedication to improving your knowledge of sales and marketing methods.

Vary Your Language

  • Choose the best action words to tell your day-to-day tasks. Yet avoid repeating words because they may bore the recruiter. You can also use adverbs to make the resume more engaging to read.

Proofread Your Resume

  • Your resume speaks for you. Hence, be careful of its content and outline. Otherwise, hiring managers might think you’re unprofessional if your resume isn’t coherent.

Don’t fall for resume writing no-no’s that appall recruiters.

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Misrepresent Details

  • No one can trust a person who falsifies details to impress others. Remember, companies check backgrounds; thus, be honest in all your dealings.

Discuss Personal Details

  • Don’t include personal details in your resume because they might expose you to discrimination or personal bias. Besides, you can discuss them later or when the recruiter asks you about them in the interview.

Write: References Available Upon Request

  • This phrase is passé. Therefore, don’t list the names and contact numbers of your references in your resume. In particular, give them when recruiters asked for them but place them on a separate sheet.

Use Your Company Phone Number or Email

  • Likewise, use only your own email and phone number even if your current boss knows your plan to leave. This shows you respect your current employer.

You’ll meet several challenges as you write a resume for sales professional. If you do your homework, though, preparing your own sales resume won’t make you sweat.

Last, a compelling sales resume is a full presentation of your work experience and key initiatives. Further, these tips can only improve your interview invitations. Landing your dream job, though, still depends on how you’ll handle the interview.

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