Added Resume Writing Services: Your Back-up Defense in the Job Application Combat

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With Veteran’s Day considered a federal holiday, how do you plan to celebrate the event? More than attending the parade, why don’t you try talking to a veteran about his or her service in the US Armed Forces? You never know, you may get tips on how to build a career, even outside the military service and the government. Just compare yourself to a veteran. The main weapon you carry is your resume. But to succeed in your mission, which is snagging job interviews, you must have a handful of back-up armaments. In your job application, these back-up comes in the form of resume writing services.

Why Should You Use Added Resume Writing Services?

Any veteran would tell you, there is no single foolproof way that can assure the success of your mission. You need to get past applicant tracking systems and outwit hiring managers. But don’t worry; you have your team with you. Aside from your career coaches, you could also rely on the elite force—professional resume writers. More than your cover letter and LinkedIn profile, check out what you need to conquer your dream job.

Elite Weapon 1: General Job Application Documents

As you first join in combat, you must be quite unsure of the situation. Most job seekers make use of cover letters and LinkedIn profiles these days. You should be a step ahead. Thus, make an effort to prepare these documents too:

A. Thank-you Letter

Aside from saying thank you, it’s another chance to say why you want the job and how could you contribute to the company. Remember, this is your shot to leave a positive image to hiring managers.

B. Follow-up Letter

Veterans get updates crucial in every strategy. No news from the hiring manager? Among the resume writing services, this job application tool helps you determine your next move. Should you hold your fire or aim for the next target? This way, you understand where you are in your mission.

C. Reference Page

In combat, it’s very rare to work on a one-man mission. Rather, you need a troop who can back you up for you to emerge victorious. In your job search, the reference page serves as your evidence, along with the people who can testify that you get the job done. Be careful though, you don’t just rattle off people’s names. Rather, make sure they know your plan of listing their names as your reference.

Become A Job Search Veteran, Use Resume Writing Services

Elite Weapon 2: Federal Application Resume Writing Services

Do you want to launch your federal career? You must prepare for these special set of arms to gain access to the post.

A. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA)

If you’ve talked to veterans, you’d notice they tell stories in detailed narratives. That’s because they were trained to absorb knowledge and experience in combat. Through your KSA, you can explain certain parts of your career that shaped you as a professional—making you the perfect applicant for the job. Not everyone can professionally write their own successes, so this is among the favorite resume writing services add-ons.

B. Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ)

If you’re in the middle of a crossfire, who will you follow, a competent leader or a jittery one? You need not be a veteran to determine the answer. In this scenario, the federal government requires strategic leadership. When you apply, how will you show your guts to head an elite team? Fret not, certified resume writers would clue you on what and how to answer.

C. Technical Qualifications (TQ)

Veterans underwent hard training for them to learn how to operate certain firearms. Think of this resume writing service as your way of detailing you have the technical skills needed by the hiring managers. Don’t know where to start? Seek the advice of professional writers.

Gain An Edge In Your Job Search, Hit The Your Target By Using Resume Writing Services

Elite Weapon 3: Modern Methods of Job Application

Veterans trained in different fields. Some on the old-style means, others focus on the modern ones. What are you waiting for? Check out these new resume writing services.

A. Electronic Resume

Before your resume reach human eyes, machines sift through piles of resume fighting for the same post first. For you to penetrate their lines, try using the e resume. In using an e resume, not only will bots read your resume right away, your resume skipped the paper mountain.

B. Resume Website

If you want to expand your reach, why don’t you purchase resume website? Not only you’ll get to impress your target employer, your resume website also attracts other employers and grows your network. Veterans would tell you, it’s best to secure allies as you work on your mission.

C. Image Building with Custom Logo Design

Some veterans may speak of leaving your mark in this world. Did you know you could also create yours? Custom your own logo and image when you gear up for job applications! This resume writing service would not only leave an imprint to the employers, it shows you’re willing to do more.

Resume Writing Services Serve As Your Backup When You Dive Into The Job Market

Elite Weapon 4: Special Resume Writing Services

In every assignment, veterans perform unique tasks for the mission to succeed. They are vital to your career success, so you must put your best effort in them.

A. Written Biography

How does a veteran introduce oneself? His position first, followed by the full name; followed by his list of accomplishments throughout his service. In some circumstances, hiring managers may ask you of your own, too. Channel the veteran’s way. You may not own a rank or a title, but you must state your name, your current job, and the achievements not mentioned in your written resumes.

B. Salary Report

Unlike veterans who don’t get to choose where they would work, you can come up with a salary report to determine which state you should focus your job search on. This way, you’ll realize where to put your efforts as well as the companies that offer good salaries and packages.

C. Annotated Portfolio

If you spoke to a veteran, you might have heard of his medals and accolades. Don’t you wish you had one, too? Well, if you want to form an exhibit of your success, try an annotated portfolio. Impress hiring managers as you show off your work, complete with keyword-optimized labels as explained by your friendly resume writing company.

Don’t get frustrated with your job application! Empower your career and become a job search veteran. Just choose from our various resume writing services. At Resume Professional Writers, we want you to start pivoting your career vista!

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