Would you believe that a 120-character section of your LinkedIn profile has a huge effect on your online presence? Scan through your profile and see what it says about you.

The headline is one of the most important elements of every LinkedIn page as it defines who you are. So creating a stunning one matters, especially if you are on the search for a decent job. Good thing, online resume writing services are here to help you build a powerful profile on LinkedIn.

Now, the question is, how will you tweak your headline into a stellar one that stands out from the rest?

If you don’t know how, here’s how resume writers do it.

Ways  to Write an Eye-Catching Headline

Speak to your target audience.
Not just your headline, might as well your whole profile, should entice your viewers. At first sight, the headline should pull in the right people to click through to your profile and see its contents.

Use keywords that reflect you and your value.
Keywords are vital to job hunt tools such as resumes. Your LinkedIn profile is the online version of your resume. Thus, it will be ideal, too, to embed relevant keywords on your headline. Look for terms that people use when they search for people like you in the site.

Do not forget the “5-second rule”.
With just a quick scan on your headline, will the viewer be able to grasp what you do or what you can offer? If not, then you need to give it a new look.

Keep it interesting.
Dull and plain headline is often too boring to read. Give it a twist by adding humor or your creative juices. In branding yourself, keep it catchy so that it can boost your value. As such, other LinkedIn members can easily notice you.

Make the most out of your 120-character limit.
Again, this 120-character section is a crucial part of your profile. So be wise once you deal with it. Make sure to showcase your value proposition and put all essential words in it without exceeding the given limit.

There goes some guidelines you wouldn’t want to lose out. Among the thousands of LinkedIn users, it seems hard to be on top of the searches. Yet if you make time building a stellar headline, then new opportunities will come your way! Though you can use these tips on writing your headline, remember that you can also tap online resume writing services to help you create a winning LinkedIn profile.


Image from StartupStockPhotos at pixabay.com