Resume Template 2017: Guide on How Your Copy Should Look Today

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resume template 2017
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As the number of graduates and job applicants increases, the competition stiffens, too. If you must compete in today’s stiff job market, arm yourself with a comprehensive and up-to-date tool to stand out from fellow job seekers. Otherwise, here’s a resume template 2017 guide to help you begin your quest.

Resume Template 2017: Your Guide

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First, make sure your potential employer knows whose resume he/she is holding. Likewise, include your personal info at the top part of your resume. Add your full name, phone number, email, and the URL of your portfolio or website. Placing a mailing address on the header is optional.

Introduction/Summary Statement

You can exclude this section, but if otherwise, highlight the most valuable aspects of your resume, draw the readers in, and encourage them to read more. If not, make sure your bullet points are strong and that they send a specific message you want your readers to get.


Often in reverse chronological order, here’s where you’ll list your work history. Highlight whom you worked for, what you did, and how long you stayed in each job. Include, too, your job title and a bulleted list of your duties and/or responsibilities.

Skills and Abilities

Emphasize your skills that make the most sense for each job opening. In the same way, use relevant keywords from the job posting and mirror them in your resume to pass most recruiters and applicant tracking systems. Exclude overused phrases and list specific hard and soft skills needed in today’s job market.


For new graduates and entry-level job seekers, this section should cover your school(s), the degree(s) you earned, and your achievement(s) and leadership role(s). However, don’t let this part darken your experience or brighten up your credentials. As you further your career, your education details should become lesser.


References are no longer necessary in resumes today. In fact, it’s best to list your references on a separate sheet and hand it only when asked. You need not state “References available upon request”, too. Recruiters already know it and, besides, it will just take up valuable space in your copy.

Resume Writing Tips to Note

Writing Notes On A Notebook

1. Design and format matter.

Spice up your copy without jarring the readers by adding a small pop of color and have a more tightened up resume by using clean, sleek fonts.

2. Ditch the objective.

Objective statements are already obsolete in resumes because employers know your goal is to get the job.

3. Exclude personal info and interests.

Other than your contact details, personal info such as gender, age, race, date of birth, marital status, and hobbies have no place in your resume.

4. Be honest.

Never perk up your resume with jobs and duties you’ve never held or exaggerate the ones you had just to impress recruiters.

5. Change the file name.

Likewise, resume file naming is a way to brand you. Hence, include your full name and job title, company name, or a trait adjective to draw the recruiter’s attention.

In particular, use this resume template 2017 guide to help you create your resume. But if you want to increase your hiring chances, let the experts do it. Resume Professional Writers offers custom resume writing services for  job seekers. Click here for more details on our services.

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