Top 5 Reasons People Lose Their Jobs and Tips to Avoid Them

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Besides laziness and gossiping, reasons for job termination are wide-ranging. Read on and learn what conditions cause employees to lose their jobs.

Top Reasons for Job Termination

1. Tardiness and absences

Most employers understand occasional tardiness, but frequent lateness can be among the reasons for job termination. Regular tardiness, though, tells the employer you’re not interested in working. Track what activities take much of your time in the morning and resolve them by evening. For example, prepare your clothes for the next day before you sleep at night. In contrast, if you often take a leave to take care of your child, juggle your work and family duties, ask for a more flexible schedule. Tell your boss the reason behind your request.

2. Lying in resume

Sometimes, job applicants include lies in their resumes just to get the job. Although these lies may remain “veiled” after your hiring, employers can always dig into your past and discover them. Once you got caught, rest assured, it definitely belongs to reasons for job termination. If you’re planning to put whoppers in your resume, think about how much the employer will appreciate your honesty. Likewise, lying in your resume can cause termination, put you in jail, and/or leave you without legal recourse against a company. Therefore, the next time you plan to pad your resume (with lies), ask yourself if it’s worth the effort.

3. Poor performance

One of the common reasons for job termination is unsatisfactory work performance. If you’re not interested in your job and still need frequent reminding from your superior to finish your tasks on time, change your attitude now. Sometimes, poor performance is a simple lack of skills. Your boss may have assigned you a new set of duties or promoted you before you’re ready. If so, inform him or her and ask for extra mentoring or training to solve your problem. You may ask your employer to pay for or help you with your training.

4. Bringing home office supplies

Some workers exploit their posts by bringing home tangible goods. If you’re among the employees who take office supplies such as pens, paper clips, envelopes, printer paper, and other items, stop it! Further, doing such acts won’t help but could be among the reasons for job termination. In particular, buy your own office supplies.

5. Refusal to obey orders and directions

On occasion, employees lose their jobs due to ignorance. They’re unaware they must obey their superior’s orders. Your company pays for and owns your working time; thus, do everything legal your boss asks you. Likewise, if you have a better idea, discuss it with him or her. Yet, if the company asked you to do something unethical, illegal, or what you consider immoral, take your stand in a professional way.

Other Reasons for Job Termination

  • Misconduct
  • Dishonesty or lack of integrity
  • Possession of drug(s) and/or alcohol
  • Inability to work in a team
  • Failure to do assigned job tasks
  • Internet use for non-work related activities
  • Faking of company records
  • Destruction of company property
  • Violation of company policy

It’s hard to get a job these days, above all one that pays well. Hence, you must do everything to keep it once you got it. For more tips on how to avoid reasons for job termination, browse our blogs. If you’re job hunting, though, and need help with resume writing, check our fine resume samples or sign up for one of our resume writing services.

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