6 Undeniable Reasons You Should Opt for a Professional Resume Critique

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How’s your current job hunt going? Does your resume help secure job interview invites? If you’re getting calls from potential recruiters, do the jobs they offer match the career you’re aiming for? If your answer to these questions is no, then it’s high time you hire a professional resume critique.

I know what you’re thinking. Now that the hiring suggestion is popped, you start to worry about being “impractical.” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are also job seekers like you who hate the idea of spending on a resume service when it still doesn’t guarantee they’ll get the job they want.

So in the end, they choose to write their resume at their own risk and have a friend or relative proofread their resumes instead. In fact, there’s no problem doing it yourself. But the “make-yourself-marketable” mindset may overwhelm you. Worst case scenario, such thinking can lead you to certain mistakes such as lying on your achievements, overselling your skills, including obsolete work experience, and writing a resume objective that doesn’t point to your career goals.

Why You Should Opt for a Professional Resume Critique?

Professional Resume Critique

Is professional resume critique worth your budget? The following reasons on why you should not be afraid to have an expert review your resume will bring your thoughts into a new light:

Resume Experts Know Resumes

They have read thousands of resumes and CVs in their entire career. As such, it’s safe to say that they completely know what and what should not be included in yours. They are fully knowledgeable of every style, format, and structure of resume that will fit their client’s personality and career goal.

Resume Critique is Based on Hiring Managers’ Perspective

Expert reviewers don’t only understand resumes, they also know what impresses and disappoints hiring managers, as well. Plus, a professionally-crafted resume can get past the Application Tracking Systems (ATS), which are widely used by employers to filter out powerful resumes from the weak ones.  According to Monster Worldwide, a “60%-70% word match” may or may not be enough for your resume to get through the application process, let alone that “anything less than that 60%” will send your resume to the shredder. The critique takes on this mindset. It will help you increase your hiring chance without the fear of delivering your resume to the pit of rejected applicants.

They Work Faster

Most job seekers spend weeks proofreading and editing their resumes. A professional resume critique’s turnaround time is a week or less. So if you feel stuck in the endless process, you know the drill: call for backup.

It’s Difficult to Proofread and Edit Your Own Work

One of the common reasons why job searchers take too much time writing their own resume is that they’re overly conscious of their word choice. Is the word “very” acceptable in a resume? Does it sound fine or overselling? Writing your own resume can also lead you to lie or incorporate unnecessary information, turning your resume from winner into a killer. Another advantage of entrusting the polishing of your job search tool to experts is that they can eliminate the jargons, fix the grammar, and improve the format.
You’ll never discover the best version of your resume until you let a professional resume critique handles the dirty job.

Expertly-Trained Resume Reviewers

Professional resume reviewers are expert with ample training to know what employers look for in a candidate. Therefore, they are knowledgeable of how resumes have dramatically changed from past to present. Others who think education is a resume’s main focus must change their viewpoint. Surely, resume experts would suggest a stronger approach.

Expert Resume Critique

The Ladders reported that your chance of attracting more recruiters is higher by 38% with a professional resume. Your chance to get a job interview invite increases by 31% when you consult with a resume expert. Meanwhile, your chance of landing a job offer is better by 40% with a well-written resume.
If you doubt the resume’s potential, expert resume advice won’t hurt. After all, get an expert’s touch to make your most important job hunt tool a true winner. So don’t miss out on effective professional resume critique to improve your resume’s quality. Have them reviewed today by our resume review experts!

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