Police Officer Resume: Which Skills You Need to Include

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One of the most promising careers is to be in the law force. The work is tough, and it takes a committed person to do the job well. Prior to diving into this field, you took training to equip yourself with relevant learning. Now that you are ready to practice what you have learned, how will you do your police officer resume?

To be the ideal person with the badge, you will not just tell your grades and test results. You should show what it takes to enforce the law.

Police Officer Resume Skills You Need to Have

Put these key skills to convince your future superior that you are among the competent peace officers:

Communication Skills

You use this skill to confront people. You have to talk to victims, complainants, suspects, and witnesses to get information. You will relay report to your superiors. As such, you must have the ability to speak and listen well to be able to convey facts. In your police officer resume, you must convey that you have this skill as a vital aspect of your application.

Problem-Solving Ability

As a public servant, one of your duties is to solve crimes. You have to weigh issues and events to be able to make a logical judgment. So you must be a critical thinker to come up with a quick and sound decision. As such,your challenge is to display this particular skill in your police officer resume.  


Oftentimes, you fail to fight crimes and violence. This happens even if you want to avoid it. In this case, you have to show that you can still protect people despite hard times. Describe in your police officer resume how resilience you are in facing failures to be able to cope and be of service again.


In doing this job, you often find it hard to uphold honesty. Buying off and tempting offers can lure you to go outside your line. As such, use this police officer resume skill to impress hiring managers. Show that you remain loyal to your oath of service.

Sense of Responsibility

Large part of your job is to maintain peace and order. If you do this right, you ensure that you keep the people and community safe. Even if you are in a life-or-death situation, you do not leave your task.

So how can you show these skills in your police officer resume? You will notice that a perfect resume sample include a section for the job seeker’s skills. Others cite one feature and use it in the profile or summary section. In fact, wherever you place these skills, it will not spoil your application. But if you don’t know the right way to highlight your skills, that mess up your chances of getting hired.

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