Nurse Resume Examples: Pediatric Nursing Career

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Infants, children and adults need proper health care to ensure physical wellness. Pediatric nurse (PN) has roles in fulfilling this. If you want to become one, there are qualifications you have to meet and duties you have to do. If you want to apply for the job, it is important to look for effective nurse resume sample and use them to guide you.

The Content of Your PN Resume

1. The PNs duties.
As a PN, you will work in hospitals, community centers, nursing homes, children’s hospital and schools. Your tasks center on child care. Thus, you may be doing these things:

  • Physical exams
  • Injury and illness diagnostics
  • Handle treatment
  • Referrals and transfer
  • Therapies and medication
  • Orders for X-rays, blood tests and other laboratory and diagnostic tests
  • Children immunization
  • Manage diabetes, asthma, eczema and allergies treatment
  • Give counsel for patients’ families
  • Work with other health care pros

2. The job requirements.
To be a PN doesn’t come easy. You must be able to meet what the job requires. The first one is, you need to be a registered nurse (RN) with many years of practice. It would be an advantage if you have worked with patients that are children. As such, to prepare for this career, you should take a two-year program in this field. After you take the course, you can pursue a Master’s Degree in nursing then apply for a certification and licensure exam. The place of the exams depends on which state you choose to serve.

3. The look of your Profile.
To apply for a job in hospitals or other facilities, you need to submit first a healthcare resume. In doing so, make sure you review some nurse resume examples in the Web. Point out the strengths you’ve seen and use them in writing your resume.  Here are things you have to take on when you write a resume:

Readability – Make sure that your copy is easy to read and graspable. Use bulleted points and headings to arrange your thoughts. This will make your details clear and organized. Avoid long sentences and paragraphs. Focus on the quality of your content. Make sure to check your final draft for grammatical, spelling and fact errors.

Marketability – Your resume is your selling tool. It is your ticket to your dream job. As such, write it in a way that will highlight your skills and strengths as a pro. Avoid useless information just to bulk your paper.

Brevity – A one or two-page paper is enough.  If you can curb all vital information in a few page, the better. You can get through the application without tiring reader’s eye. If you find it hard, then turn to resume writing services.

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