OF 612 vs. Online Resume: Why Choose the Latter?

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If you were a fresh graduate in the early 2000 who wanted to be a part of a public office, you would have applied using the OF 612 form. These days, however, you could no longer do it. Federal agencies now carry out a better process of hiring employees by means of online application.

OF 612: What is It?

This fill-in-the-blanks form was the Optional Application for Federal Employment. It is a web-based form that people can view and fill-in online. They can print or save it and submit it to any federal office. This old form had seven parts that applicants should fill in:

  • Applicant Information
  • Work Experience
  • Additional Work Experience
  • Education
  • Other Qualifications
  • General
  • Applicant Certification

As of June 13, 2011, the Office of Personnel Management stopped the use of this OF 612 as stated on a notice that they sent out. It states that the details in the form are now part of the online resume builder that is now on the USAJOBS website. The removal of the form is to help offer a better application process for both the offices and the job seekers, based on the goals of the federal hiring reform.

Job Applications through the Internet

As progress continues, almost everything is now available online. Even job hunts are possible in the Internet. As the OF 612 is no longer used, anyone who aims to be a part of any of the federal offices can make an online resume using the forms in the job sites.

Even the USAJOBS, the federal government’s official job board, gives applicants the option to make their own resume on the web site before sending any job applications rather than sticking to OF 612.

Be it for federal or private employers, here are some of the benefits of using an online resume when finding jobs:

  1. No need to choose a resume format. Functional or chronological? Well, you don’t have to choose because online resumes have their own format.
  2. Just fill in the blanks. Don’t know what to add in your resume? An online resume can help you work on your profile just by filling in the forms.
  3. Employers can easily find it. As opposed to a printed OF 612, employers using the site can simply search for people they want to hire.
  4. There are no page limits. You won’t have to limit your info, as there is no page limit for online applications.

Even if the OF 612 is no longer an option, you can still make the most of your job search through an online resume. Do you need help filling in the contents of your web-based form? If you want to know the steps how to apply for federal jobs, such as when to submit your OF 306, then trust our professional federal resume writers to help you. Visit our services page for more details.

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