How to Boost Your Job Chances for a Nursing Assistant Post

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The demand for nursing assistant jobs has remained high over the years. In fact, several health care institutions still hire people to fill such posts. Thus, if you want to be part of the healthcare industry, you should know the qualifications to join it. To further help you create a nursing assistant cover letter, use these tips that can likewise make you effective in your job search.

Requirements to Be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

If you wish to become a nursing assistant, you must meet the conditions to qualify for the post.

1. Education

You must have a high school diploma and nursing training from a community college or technical school. In addition, you must take and pass an examination to earn the certificate.

2. Training

You can attend training programs managed by the Red Cross or community colleges and medical facilities. Otherwise, if you don’t have enough money to pay for such programs, you may ask help from the government or from private hospitals.

3. Certification

To become a CNA, you must pass a state-specific test. So, how will you do it then? Take several practice tests and read study guides you can find online. Further, your state may ask you to take continuing credits every year.

The Roles of a CNA

Although a CNA’s duties vary often, they take on roles that involve patient care and treatment.

  • Medication

    With a physician’s guidance, a CNA may handle minor treatments such as insertion of catheters and suppositories and applying massages and douches.

  • Sanitation

    This task calls for a CNA to clean patients’ rooms and check them for possible health hazards.

  • Reporting

    A CNA may likewise record patients’ behaviors, complaints, and health symptoms and submit it to nurses.

  • Support

    A nurse or physician may then ask a CNA’s help in putting clean dressings, slings, stockings, or support bandages on patients.

Tips on Writing a Nursing Assistant Cover Letter

A resume, though, may not be enough for you to win your quest. Hence, you need a cover letter to complete your application. In writing it, follow these tricks:

  • Be polite.

    Greet your contact person using the proper salutation. In particular, thank him or her toward the end of your letter.

  • Supply details.

    Cite needed details to support your qualifications. Thus, try to write your thoughts in bite-sized chunks, and don’t go beyond the one-page limit to make it legible and effective.

  • Give contact details.

    Give the correct and complete contact details in your cover letter. You can place this on your letter’s heading, along with your full name.

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