How Can My Note-Taking Skill Help Me Succeed? [Infographic]

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In today’s digital age, do you still find the need to take notes? The note-taking skill, using a pen and paper, may be a lost and forgotten art to most of you. However, did you know this skill could contribute to your success?

Note-taking is a vital, handy skill. Besides, you can use it almost everywhere (in events, school, office, etc.) or include it in your resume if you’re applying for your first job or changing careers.

Why Should You Consider Honing Your Note-Taking Skill?

This may be your biggest question now. However, note-taking is a skill you should practice to help you grasp and remember information. In fact, no matter how handy your phone is, time will come when you won’t be able to use it anymore. If you have note-taking skills, you can pick up information easily and even remember them longer.

In 2013, a research published in the NACTA journal found out that taking notes and reviewing them later positively affects a person’s learning and success. The research further shows students who take notes remember more material and perform better on tests. Aside from sharpening your memory, note-taking lets you take in information and make connections between various ideas; thus, helping you apply them in the real world.

To give you insights on the practical uses of your note-taking skill, check out this infographic.

Note-Taking Skills

Now you understand your note-taking skills can help you thrive in life and in your career, it’s never too late to brush up on it and use it as your vital charm to win your dream job. And while you’re at it, we would love you to check out our wide selection of resumes, custom-made for the career you want.

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