5 Surefire Tips for a Successful New Year Career

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It’s resolution season. What did you promise yourself this year 2020? Whether it’s breaking a habit or form a positive one, the goal of making a New Year’s resolution is to improve your life in the coming year. That said, why not take advantage of your burst of motivation? If you’re a jobseeker, this is the perfect time to jumpstart your new year career. And if you’re employed, it’s also the perfect season to realign your goals so you can better your 2019 work goals.

Tips for a Successful New Year Career

Whether you’re employed or not, you should maximize this time to boost your career goals and opportunities. With this, you should list your professional growth goals. But how do you even kick off this crucial process? Heed the success tips below and be ready for your new year career hunt!

An Employee Who Is Confused About His New Year Career

1. List your target companies.

If you’re new to job hunting, you might find yourself in a flurry of job listings, positions, and companies that might catch your eye. They’ll offer higher pay, position, or benefits. These factors can easily lead you to an unsatisfying job.

So before you start sending out your resume or CV to random companies, find one that truly interests you. You should also look for a firm that fits your personality and passion. Doing this will help you become successful and happy in your career path.

2. Upgrade your resume.

Your resume is your ticket to a new year career. The way you present your resume makes a first impression which dictates the rest of your job application process.

Likewise, your resume serves as your marketing tool. So it’s important that you tailor your generic resume to your target job before sending it to your target company. This way, you’ll increase your chances of getting hired.

3. Understand your employer.

If you’re employed and your new year career goals include excelling at work, you should also understand your employer. This helps you better know your firm’s goals and mission.

In effect, you’ll have a clearer grasp on your role and the value you provide for the firm. This will then result in more quality output for you, not to mention a newfound sense of purpose.

4. Seize chances to improve and learn new skills.

There’s no better way to establish a successful and fulfilling career than learning new skills related to your job. Likewise, excelling at work can be easier once you equip yourself with new, in-demand skills. These can help you become more efficient and useful in your workplace.

And whether or not you have a job, these learnings will prepare you for your new year career hunt and future endeavors!

5. Stay motivated.

Constant motivation is crucial in achieving your new year career resolutions. Doing this can be tough. Further, staying motivated is not magic, nor does it come from a bottle. Millions of employees and jobseekers experience boredom with their career. With that, they either lose their jobs or they become demotivated.

So how do you stay motivated? Here are a few effective tips:

  • List down your goals.
  • Break down your goals into smaller ones to make them more achievable.
  • Explain why you need to fulfill each goal.
  • Create a strategy.
  • Eye on your target.

Don’t forget to celebrate small wins. Neuroscience said each small success triggers the brain’s reward center. This, in turn, makes our brain release dopamine which affects our mood, learning, and motivation to name a few.

An Employee Happy With Her New Year Career

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Take advantage of this season and stick to your plans with more eagerness. Challenge yourself to achieve as many self-growth goals as possible in every aspect of your life this year. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself later.

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